What are the best UK plugs with energy monitoring

Now we have all been kick out of TP-Links house, what is the best choice for a UK smart plug with energy monitoring?

ZigBee or WiFi is fine, but local control is a must. Most are super expensive or don’t have energy monitoring :frowning:

A TP-Link plug is £9.99 and it makes me angry.

I just went through this - I came very close to buying the Samsung Smart Things plug at £29.99 as a zigbee plug with power metering, then after some more research decided to chance it and buy the Tasmota plugs from https://www.mylocalbytes.com/

They arrived really quick and integrated really easily, all I had to do was put in the WiFi details and the MQTT login details, then enable Tasmota integration in the HA config. Both plugs appeared straight away with plenty of power details and quick response. While I’d have preferred Zigbee these plugs seem really good so far.


I’m using the Smartthings Sockets at the moment, and they work fine, but they are pretty expensive


I love this community so much, these look perfect, thank you

How’s the build quality?

I had ST worked really well but as you said expensive, returned the £30 thing and bought a Tuya UK one for £10 total delivered.

works with HA wth PM via ZHA, but is faulty somehow, it randomly shuts off.
as it was ALI, that £10 is down the drain,

I personally nowadays just pay more, you go cheap your pay twice or thrice.

Unless you require like 10 or something.

So i now have 5 of these local bytes plugs and they all work perfectly, to get real time energy monitoring you have to adjust the Telemetry period down to 10 seconds, it’s set at 300 (5 Minutes) by default

Hi Mitchel,
Adam from LocalBytes here :wave:,

I’m glad they’re working well for you,
It really is amazing to stumble across posts like this!

Thanks for the recommendation @grey-trunk :tada:

Ps: When it comes to better energy monitoring, PowerDelta is your friend

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Just ordered three to try! Although, they’re now £12.50 each!

Didnt know about mylocalbytes.
Nice to see a UK based company with good ethos and good pricing.

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They are currently out-of-stock. Anyone here know is this is normal and if they replenish stock quickly?

I’d love to try out some of the LocalBytes ones when they’re available, in the meantime I think I’ll have to try out a SmartThings one.

I have a few Meross ones from before I started playing around with Home Assistant again but they seem harder to get hold of and a lot of people are saying they’re ~20% inaccurate which isn’t great. I’ve always wondered why my SmartTV has been showing as using 20W in standby!

We had a sudden influx of sales towards the end of August,
Unfortunately It ended quite a good streak of being in stock :frowning:

Fortunately, the next batch has been picked up from the factory and will be shipping to customers on Friday/Monday!

I hope this helps!

cc: @zarker, @Chalky


Have 6 LocalBytes plugs around the house, all been working perfectly for months!

@AAllport Where would one set the PowerDelta setting you mentioned?

Hi @HugosDad,
Thanks for the kind words!

You’ll want to head over to the WebUI → Console, then type PowerDelta followed by a number, and hit enter. For example:

  • PowerDelta 10 = Update MQTT on 10% change,
  • PowerDelta 110 = Update MQTT on 10W change.

I hope this helps!

What would you recommend, and what is the default, please?

Default is 0 (disabled) I personally go for 10% (PowerDelta 10) on my stuff.
Seems to capture enough for what I need, and if there’s no change, it’ll report back every 5 mins anyway!

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Thanks for your reply @AAllport, I’d already placed an order in anticipation so good to know they will be shipped so soon!

Looking forward to having a play with them… already wishing I’d ordered more than 3 but got some light bulbs to play with as well!

Got my Smart Plugs today and got them all setup, all pretty easy.

Really impressed with the wealth of information you get out of them, got my custom Energy dashboard all setup with them.

Ordered another 4 already to add additional monitoring to figure out where the ~100W base load is coming from that isn’t accounted for yet.

Haven’t had chance to play with the light bulbs yet, but they’re next on the list!

Hi Adam

I like the look of your smart plugs. Like some have already mentioned, I would prefer Zigbee, but can’t justify the current cost of around £30 per plug for reliable ones with energy monitoring.

I am considering buying four of your Tasmota smart plugs, but can you tell me if they integrate into the new Home Assistant Energy Dashboard so I can monitor them under the ‘Individual devices’ section please? Without having to install any other special add-ons or create counters to gather long-term stats etc.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Chalky,

Thanks for the kind words.
It’s great to hear they’re working out well for you!