What are the recommended energy monitoring smart plugs for HA?

As title suggests, what are the recommended energy monitoring smart plugs for use with home assistant? Which ones are the most reliable and accurate?

I’m currently awaiting delivery of a home assistant yellow to begin my journey into the home assistant rabbit hole and want to be prepared. I’m currently trying out a couple of different energy monitoring smart plugs from Shelly and also from kasa. The Shelly app is quite comprehensive and it looks like it’s got a faster response time on monitoring than the kasa. If I were to base it on the apps alone, Shelly would win hands down.

I’ve not committed to either one as I still have an open return window with Amazon for them. Thanks in advance for any first hand use knowledge and experience.

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Ask 10 people and get 10 different replies :wink:

But as thought for the “accuracy” you want to avoid plugs with a fixed/limited update interval. For example if you buy a Z-Plug which just sends the power every 30 or 60 seconds to HA can get quite inaccurate depending on the load.

Shelly works with a esp inside so you can not only own the hardware but take full control (ownership) over the software part too. With the help of esphome for example you a free to set a very high update interval (for example 0.1s).

As a side note: The Shelly Plug S uses a HLW8012 for power measurements which is probably on the lower end what esp based devices can offer regarding accuracy :bulb:

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I use Tasmota - you can buy them pre-flashed quite cheaply (in the UK at least).

@frenck has written an add-on manager for them, so they must be OK. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


In the past the update interval was limited to a minimum of 10 seconds - is this still a thing in Tasmota today?

That devices uses a BL0937 which is kind of the successor of the HLW8012 but still low end/budget :wink:

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I have a Sonoff S31 flashed with tasmota.
Make sure it is not the s31 light as that unit doesn’t have energy monitoring. This unit is wifi.

I have Athom flashed with ESPHome

I like the Athom plugs preflashed with ESPHome. It was quite easy to get their configuration files from GitHub to flash/update them yourself. They also offer Tasmota preflashed. I’m using 6 for about a year and had none fail so far.

I’ve had no complaints with any of these.

Kasa KP125
Kasa EP25
Shelly 1PM
Aeotec Heavy Duty Smart Switch
Zooz ZEN15
Athom Tasmota US Plug V2

Plus an IoTaWatt.

Update frequency is not really a concern for energy reporting but may be for power reporting for automations.

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That plug features a CSE7766 for power monitoring which is/should be more accurate as the HLW8012 mentioned in other plugs so far. :trophy:

Beside also esp inside so full ownership can be taken and the thing should be future proof even years after the vendor filed for bankruptcy :muscle:

They used to have CSE7766 but downgraded to a HLW8032 last year :frowning_face:

That heavily depends on how the device actually is calculating the energy used. Often the device just polls the sensor every :x: seconds and does a simple integral. If the load is resistive this probably gets the job done but if the :x: is high and the power factor low the calculate energy can be quite off :chart_with_downwards_trend:

Now in case a manufacture ships a device like that with limited or buggy *ware you can change that behavior (and make it more accurate*) in case it has a esp inside :raised_hands: On the other hand if it is a “black box” plug (:see_no_evil:) there is not much to do beside accept it or maybe use a work’a’round in HA to limit the damage :adhesive_bandage:

*best is usual a high esphome internal update interval (maybe 0.1s) for calculating the energy but at the same time a slightly lower/throttled interval for ha (for example 1 or 2s) to don’t bend the server to it’s knees with 50 plugs hammering in :mechanical_leg::hammer:


Not disagreeing on the internal reading. Was specifically referring to reporting to HA.

What’s reported to HA needs to first calculated internally :bulb: :wink:

And the sad fact is that limited or even buggy firmware is sometimes shipped to customers when they buying a device and to often never even gets an update :man_shrugging:

Best way imho is to bet everything on devices which are capable of running custom firmware (esp based stuff) because that way it’s always possible to fix, change, extended, repair or do what not with the stuff you bought (and completely call your own). Essentially this is something regarding the right to repair :hammer_and_wrench:

The 7x Zooz Zen15 smart plugs that I purchased (across four different batches) required three separate RMA’s within one year. Each of the RMA’s was due to faulty power reading spikes which would cause the overcharge protection to trigger and shut off the plug.

After repeated failures of the Zen15 plugs and buggy firmware from Z-Wave devices I was ready to distance myself as much as possible from Z-Wave.

I was driven by frustration to replace my Z-Wave plugs with something reliable and easy to manage. In the end my solution with ESPHome plugs were cheaper, easier to manage, and more reliable. Now every smart plug on my network can be controlled reliably.

Very happy owner of 10+ Shelly Plug S devices.
Easy to use, reliable and very good value for money IMHO.
Hope this helps!

We are proposing the Theengs Plug, energy monitoring, and BLE gateway, back in stock in August:

  1. Powerful BLE Scanner and Decoder
  2. Presence Detection Capabilities
  3. Data Transmission to MQTT Broker
  4. Compatible with numerous BLE Sensors and Tracker Devices
  5. YAML free integration thanks to MQTT auto-discovery
  6. Customizable Settings
  7. Smart plug remote control
  8. Vigilant Power Usage Tracking
  9. Persistent plug state
  10. Effortless Over the Air update
  11. On-demand BLE scan
  12. Open-source firmware

yearh… I was so stupid to buy 10 Ledvance wifi+ plugs, only to realize, 3 months later when I set up HA, they actually belong in a bin… useless product…
…just a comment if anyone out there want to buy Ledvance plugs… Don’t do it !!

they only work with their own app…

What about ZigBee smart plugs?
Like the blitz wolf be shp15?

Maybe read through this topic

I have shp-15 as well, one does not show any energy measurements, the others work well.

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No good…
Any suggestions for reliable ones possibly ZigBee?

I have the same model but different version (mine shows plug_1 instead of plug_3).

Read here for a mini review, warts & all.

Thanks @ShadowFist
I need the eu version do you know if there is the equivalent of your model?
I found these that are lvgems…

On the model number it says Wh025 and this point to the tuya TS011F…