What are you all using for in-home presence detection?

What are you all using for room to room presence detection?

I have a specific use case where I’d like to the system to know if my dog is inside or out and I was thinking about using bluetooth beacons but everything I’ve found seems to require the cloud to work and also doesn’t seem very reliable.

What do you all recommend?

Hi, for a dog in home or out home, maybe a simple motion sensor inside and one outside can be ok ?

i’m asking me the same question but not for a dog, more for the fact “entre-home/exit-home”.
Actually i do that with geolocation and zone, but a zone of 10m is not so accurate

There is a thread on this forum for a component called ‘Monitor’ which uses local Bluetooth monitoring to determine location in/around the house. No cloud required.

except its for his dog, i use monitor and so far you can’t adjust the rssi (hopefully in the next release), its only good for whole home detection

However…, there is room-assistant, which i am going to test out this weekend (https://github.com/mKeRix/room-assistant) and you could have your dog wear one of these tags https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-BLE-iBeacon-BC037-iBeacon-configure/dp/B07FC5FMHW/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1547579983&sr=8-5&keywords=bluetooth+beacon#customerReviews you would need a rasberry pi in each room however, but they are cheap

this can still work with Monitor, simply put a BLE beacon on the dog collar :smile:

did you not finish reading my reply? i literally have a link for one, you can’t adjust the rssi settings in monitor yet and bluetooth works for like 30’, so depending on where he places them it will be inaccurate, if he adjusted it so include rssi, it would be golden

oops, sorry I was distracted at work and didn’t read it properly :persevere:

This is an interesting problem. Is there just one area you care about for whether or not your dog is “outside?” e.g. Do you really just want to know if the dog is in the yard, or do you want the dog to also show as outside if it’s on a walk or at the groomer’s or something? It might be easier to detect that it’s in a specific area as opposed to specifically in the house.