What device with a "Smarty" electricity meter (Sagemcom T 210-D) in Luxembourg

Hi there,

I’d like to integrate electricity meter readings into HA over WiFi. I live in Luxembourg and my meter is a Sagemcom T 210-D (so-called “smarty”). It has a P1 port but I’ve read that the Luxembourg version has added cryptography compared to standard version. So far i’ve found the following hardware that provides P1-to-Wifi connectivity:

Can anyone make recommendations?

Thanks in advance.

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My electric provider (enovos) has a customer portal that shows daily consumption, i was planning to write an integration/script to export data from there.

Oh that’s even better, no hardware required! I’m also an Enovos customer. That would be terrific.

While i am looking for a way to export (more specifically import to ha) this data, you can check if you can access consumption data on enovos customer portal.

@ogerardin , data i see on enovos portal is usually coming 1 day behind, is it the case for you too?

There are some problems with my proposed approach. Data is availability with a delay (let’s say 24 hours) and home assistant is designed to set data on real time. Not good…

yes same here, I only see data of yesterday.

i can bring this data into home assistant but it would skew energy dashboard if we use this as a sensor inside energy dashboard.

Agreed. That won’t replace a real-time sensor…

I found a new one, developed specially for luxembourg customers: Smarty+
It seems to send data to a cloud service and then requires a dedicated smartphone app to access the data. Any chance this could be integrated into HA?

The Sagecom has inverted data - this should work with a p1 cable that allows invering the signal. Will test this in the near future (luxembourg)


I use an ESP8266 with ESPHome to read out my Creos smart meter. The ESPHome Component supports encryption and is documented here:


It works flawlessly for me:

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By the way, slimmelezer+ is back in stock and it works flawlessly with my Sagemcom T210-D meter in Luxembourg city. Just had to ask Creos for the P1 encryption key and to activate also gas meter readings on the P1 port.

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i would like contact you for some information


I am using Reduxi device which can connect to the P1: https://www.reduxi.eu

Are you using the P1 monitor with reduxi? or how did you connect it to HA?

could you explain in more detail how you did it?

I have an ESP32 at home. how did you connect it to you smartmeter?

Have you found any working solution?

Hi, I used an ESP8266 to read out my smart meter, but it shouldn’t be difficult to modify it for an esp32.
Here’s a breadboard diagram:

and here’s the schematics:

You can then flash esphome onto it. I can also post the esphome yaml file I wrote and flashed onto it if there is interest.
If this is too difficult to build yourself then you can also buy prebuilt esp devices with esphome from here:


They now also have an esp32 version with ethernet-port available, if Wifi is an issue:


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I have just received my Slimmelezer, in Luxembourg.

For reference, I am a Léoenergy customer, but they redirected me to Creos to obtain the encryption key (which was super easy: I did it via email, providing my contract number, identity, location and Smarty device number).

I have plugged it and, once the wifi was up, I logged in it and set up my own SSID.

From the official FAQs:

When it’s powered up, it broadcasts a wireless network ‘slimmelezer’.
Be patience as this can take 20 to 40-ish seconds.
Connect to that wireless network with a phone, tablet or laptop.
Once connected, a captive portal will show after some seconds.
There you select your network and fill in the required password if needed.

I have then added ESPHome integration and I could now see it on HA.

I just need to figure out where to put the encryption code, as now I am getting the following message:

“Incomplete or malformed checksum”.

Any hint were should I put it? (I will also dog around and report if I find it).