What else to automate/integrate

On a HA binge here and looking for more ideas on what to automate/integrate :slight_smile:
Currently got a bunch setup:

  • All internal lights
  • All outdoor lights
  • Temp monitoring in all rooms
  • Heating and Valves
  • Air quality
  • UV values
  • Weather
  • Ring doorbell
  • Exterior cameras
  • Gates
  • My alarm system
  • Vacuum robot
  • My car & commute times
  • Alexa TTS
  • Harmony remote control
  • Smartthings (buttons, water sensors, motion sensors)

Things I’d like to do in the near future:

  • Replace all sockets with smart sockets
  • Integrate my Netatmo smoke alarms
  • Bed occupancy sensor
  • Auto-batcave under the kitchen counters for the robovac

Any other suggesitons?

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  • If you havn’t already, you can add object and face recogniction to your cameras and also implement notifications to your phone for various events, such as sending a picture when a person is detected outside your house when you are not home etc. I’m using Deepstack for object and face recognition. Face and person detection with Deepstack - local and free!

  • I have also integrated my smart watch to track calories, steps, distance etc. https://www.home-assistant.io/integrations/fitbit/

  • Device trackers for family members

  • If you have any pets, you can search for empty-litterbox-reminder , automatic food dispensers and other projects on the forum.

  • Notification when washing machine need to be emptied

  • Mailbox sensor

  • Notifiction when a new eposide is available for your favourite tv show

  • Calender integration with TTS notifications

  • Garbage pickup reminder

  • Magic Mirror

  • Try alternative frontends/automations such as Appdaemon, Nodered etc.

  • Get hooked on DIY projects like Esphome https://esphome.io/index.html


Irrigation control

So says farmer Dave :rofl:

In industry we used to maintain lists of stuff that consumed resources (mainly people’s time) and every month tackle the top 5 on that list.
That way you are saving time to spend on ‘other stuff’

Love the auto batcave idea for the vacuum! How about a step further, and make the batcave move the debris into the trash bin for you. :smiley:

I spend enough time throughout the day operating door handles… auto doors!

I have one of those touch kitchen faucets… could tackle automating that some day so I don’t have to tap it on/off, lol.

My stepson went to a place his mate is living in the other day. He was most impressed it had an auto door like you get in malls, shops etc.

And to think it looked so futuristic in Star Trek in 1966! Then again, so did flip-phones!

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There’s two things that I haven’t worked out about doors on science fiction programs.

You walk up to a door wanting to go through it and it opens, you walk very close to the door because you are doing something else and it doesn’t open - how does it know the difference ?

You fire a weapon (vary depending on the programme) at the door mechanism and the door is either fused shut or it springs open - it’s always a wonder to me that the result always moves the plot along in a manner advantageous to the main protagonists ?


Some very cool ideas in here, thanks :slight_smile:
Not sure if the pi4 is strong enough to run constant face detection on 4 different feeds.
Washing machine/dryer is more or less next in line.
While obviously awesome, Star trek doors are pretty far down my list at this time :smiley:
Liking the calendar TTS, which integration are you using for that? Sick of all the wall tablets default google calendar ding

I would like a way for the ring screen to pop up on top on the wall tablets when someone rings the door bell and auto switch to it.

ROTFLOL, I know I’m also picky about sci-fi gaffage. I’m pretty sure, at least in STNG, the enterprise was constantly scanning neural signals so doors knew what your intention was. I had similar thoughts when I posted above… wait a minute, most doors in houses don’t have that long entry like you have at a shopping mall, where a pir sensor is enough to work well. That would suck, walking past my front door naked in the morning, and have it open as my mail lady is doing her thing, LOL! …or not so funny, getting home from work and finding my dog trapped behind an open door.

Never give up… video tracking would probably work… or some strategically placed proximities (90* beams near doorways, you can have a velocity vector to use). It’s not neural scanning, but it could come close enough.

“Never Surender”

How about facial recognition, you could tune it to only open if you are grimacing :rofl: :rocket:

And she does this on your DOORSTEP ???

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No, it takes up a lot of memory and CPU so you need either a NUC or a Google Coral Accelerator to get 4 feeds working. I have 8 feeds working on a NUC w. 16GB RAM without any noticable CPU increase. USB Accelerator | Coral. I also have the Coral stick and I am using it for some Machine Learning. It’s 20-30 times faster than the NUC by the way.

For now I only have voice activated doors like in Airplane 2

Shhhhhht - shhhhhht :rofl: