What happened to the Check Config add-on?

Before updating, I used to always check my configuration against the current Home Assistant release. Now I noticed the add-on “Check Home Assistant Configuration” has an deprecated status? What happened to it, and is an alternative available?

It’s integrated now and part of developer tools😉

You’re doing a big jump!

Quotes from the 2022.05 release notes:

“YAML configuration tools have a new home in the developer tools, a more logical place for YAML configuration checks and reloading.”

“Additionally, the developers tools has a brand new YAML tab, which contains the buttons and tools to reload and check your YAML configuration. This was previously known as “Server Controls”, but now moved to the developer tools.”

Hi @Olivier1974 and @aceindy, I was referring to the Check Configuration add-on which allowed to check your current HA-configuration against the next release, before taking the actual plunge of updating.

Are you aware of a way to check against a next release? I can’t seem to find it in the Developer Tools.

Are you talking about a Supervisor add-on? If so, I can’t help, I’m using Core sing 0.64
For 5 years now I can’t remember something to check the configuration against the next release of Home Assistant. If that ever existed, I’m willing to have it too :slight_smile:

I believe it’s depreciated.

As I’m using core version, it is fairly easy to rollback to a version that doesn’t break something.

cd /srv/homeassistant
source bin/activate
pip3 install homeassistant==2022.12.5
hass --script check_config -c ~homeassistant/.homeassistant/

I’ll continue like so as the add-on is not meant for me and is deprecated anyway.

The add-on is deprecated and only alternative seems to be manually checking the release notes.
According to the hardcore HA nerds on this forum the breaking changes should only be with major releases (the month numbers) and not the smaller patches that happens between the major ones.

Thanks for your responses guys! The story seems to be:
a. The add-on is deprecated because it’s no longer necessary to check you config before updating. Home Assistant will boot anyway, even with configuration errors.
b. You should do the following after an update to check for issues:

  1. Check persistent notifications. If an integration could not be loaded because its config is invalid a notification will tell you.
  2. Check logs. If an integration could be loaded but the config you are using is deprecated a message will tell you what needs to change and by when.
  3. Follow the red banner. In rare cases HA will start in safe mode. In those cases you should follow the instructions in the red banner at the top of the UI.