What tools do you use to manage ideas and issues?

As ideas flow, and people ask different questions, and these ideas naturally breed more ideas, questions, and problems to solve. Not forgetting the regressions i will cause as things evolve.

What do you use to track ideas, issues, features etc…?

Project Management Tools such as taiga.io, wrike or trello, or issue trackers like JIRA, redmine, or something else? Is github suitable?

This isnt my area of expertise, but I know my lists, and notes and ideas need to be better ctegorised, and linked, and then tackled methodically.

GitHub is really great for this since you can link one idea to another, search, add labels for management, have project boards and task lists, etc.

But typically I just write down ideas into the Notes app on my phone / computer in a really unorganized and messy way :slight_smile:

Sorry to revive an old topic, but I wanted to highlight that I have just finished a Taiga addon for home assistant.

I think Taiga is a great way to organise my tasks, side projects, etc. I’ve used it for my work, and I use it for my home life, so I really wanted to be able to host it on my Home Assistant instance.