What Wall Switch Options are there?

what a disaster… I tried to solder pin 2 on the sonoff… 90 minutes later, I gave up but have a flashed sonoff touch. Dexterity and took about 10 minutes. I did solder GND on the FTDI for pin 2 which was easy

So I have been trying all morning to flash but no success. The board manager had an update from the last time I flashed my basic. I tried that successfully compiled but it failed to upload due to memory.

Eventually installed the older board manager version and used same settings as last successful attempt (on sonoff basic) but just got stuck uploading.

Any ideas?

these are my settings that worked


Thanks. I eventually got it to work. The main problem turned out to be my laptop - either not enough power or not fast enough. Not sure which, but as a final desperate attempt I thought I would try my desktop computer. Worked brilliantly first time and was so fast.

I am having quite a few issues with the switch today. Loosing access the web management page after a while. I think this is still a memory issue, so I will reflash with some of the features removed to see if that helps.

I am supposed to be saving money with this project but its costing me a fortune in wine!

and this is a problem why? :smiley:

I made a simple jig for flashing sonoffs (basic, TH and POW, touch) without soldering anything on sonoff. I used 3.5 Floppy Drive power connector from dead power supply and P75-E2 (1.3mm Conical Head) pogo pins. Green wire is for flashing sonoff touch to bring the module into programming mode.


Good work, never would have thought of the floppy power connector.

Thanks. It’s MacGyver type of hack. :slight_smile:

we are all MacGyvers in the home assistant world, that is what makes it so good!

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Mine’s very similar using a for pin header cut off an old router circuit board. Makes the job a breeze, much quicker than trying to do it wirelessly :slight_smile:

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I’ve done the same as you now, I wish I had thought of it 10 sonoff ago :slight_smile:

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15 Sonoff’s in, I’m still holding the four pins in place by hand every time I do my initial flash.

Deeply jealous of yours!

Rather more on-topic - I decided a few weeks ago to gamble a tenner on being able to flash Tasmota on to one of these -


Has anyone else already tried that?

Just in case anyone cares - the switch turned up, and flashed via sonota quite easily. It has quite a cheap feel, and the thing that looks like an led at the bottom isn’t. (Though there is a red led behind the white part of the switch.)

Seems to be a bit of a bargain - I’ll be ordering a few more if it stands up to use over the next week or two.

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Excelllent, I have ordered a US shape device from the same vendor, not arrived yet.

Mind sharing the us type link?

Any pics of the insides?

Ah, sorry - it’s mounted and wired in so I’d rather not take it down right now. I have ordered another so will post pics when that turns up.

But to give you some verbal picture:

  • looking at it from the front, the outside ring section easily prises off leaving the body of the switch exposed
  • that body has standard fitting screw holes left and right to attach to the wall box
  • the largest part of the switch is hinged at the top, and is raised to upright to access the screw holes
  • three (yes, three) microswitches are visible on a daughter board when the switch is lifted at the hinge. The middle one is clicked by the hinged switch when it is closed. I did not try the other two while it was live, though suspect that they are there so the same board can be used also for the 2- and 3-switch models. The red LED is also visible.
  • there was no immediately obvious way to take the switch apart to see the main board - though to be fair I didn’t really look. (Mainly because the quality was cheap and I didn’t think it would survive man-handling. It was going to be my next step if sonata had failed.)
  • it is marked CE

Actually, as soon as I posted the above I realised I could easily prise the front cover off and lift the hinge without any bother. See below.

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This is the one I bought