What Wall Switch Options are there?

I was just about to order some Broadlink TC2 switches and a RM2 Pro, when I read about the fact HA can’t translate the state of the switch. I’m sure a state can be marked as “on” when you click to send the command but if the command doesn’t send you would have an incorrect reading in HA. I know Z-wave is another alternative but far more expensive and they don’t even have 2/3 gang switches… what gives?

So I’m wanting to know from the community what other alternatives are out there that are wireless based and not RF?
I hope this helps other people in future as well, thanks guys.


Zwave supports 3-way switches as well.

Not a single 3 Gang wall switch though.

I use GE’s zwave wall switches. They fit in standard boxes, whether you have 1,2,3,4… I have both toggle and ‘decora’ style (ie paddle) switches in all of those configurations. They work with a standard n-gang cover.

This wall switch installs over your existing switches and is battery powered and communicates via ZWave Central Scene Command Class to HA (not officially supported yet).

I use it to control Limitless LED bulbs that are color temp and RGB controllable. The physical switch always remains on, this switch mounted over the physical switch sends zwave commands to HA which then sends commands to the limitless led bulbs.


Can you send us a picture of what you mean by a single 3 Gang wall switch?

These may be on the more expensive side but will add more functionality down the road with Alexa / HomeKit if you’re willing to wait.

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Could you please provide me to the exact switch you use.

I’m needing:
2 X 2Gang Wall Switches
1 X 1Gang Wall Switch

Gang = number of switches.

I’m looking to be more on the affordable side here.

This switch seems to link directly to your wifi network requiring no controllers etc, anyone know if it’ll be supported in HA?

Wrote this up, could be of interest… https://www.hackster.io/robin-cole/hijack-a-hue-remote-to-control-anything-with-home-assistant-5239a4

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Xiaomi zigbee wall switchs but need a hub . The cheap’s and most fashionable.

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Those look pretty decent thanks, have you got a link to a reliable store for the hub and wall switches?

In looking at those switches I don’t see an options with US dimensions, I need the rectangle switches not the square ones unfortunately.

Gear best http://m.gearbest.com/alarm-systems/pp_610095.html
I got 4 wireless round button for hue light & socket and doorbell. Now ordering wireless square ones

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Ive made my own, (not the finished in picture but you get the idea) using a blank face plate and push buttons with a esp8266 wifi board on the back. You would need a 5v supply in the ngang back box to power the esp. The buttons are cheap enough, and you can programme the esp/HA to do what you like.

I would like to be able to do long presses for different functions but havent worked that out yet, any ideas people?

Total cost for me was
ESP £6
Stainless Steel Buttons - Free
Staineles Steel double back plate (screwfix) £5.xx

Hope that helps

Time the length of the press and filter actions based on length?



Like I wrote… These are single switches, but fit in standard US electrical boxes, so if you have a 2 gang box, you can fit 2 switches, just get a dual switch plate.
You can also pick these up at local HW stores such as Lowes.

Note, that if you have a 3-way switch set up, you also need to replace the other switches which control that light with the add-on switch (12723).

By 3 gang he means 3 switches in one fixture - for controlling 3 different light circuits.

@frank451, I take it that your switch doesn’t actually perform any mains switching? It just sends a signal to HA for processing?

Correct, when I recabled my house some years ago now, I brought all the feeds and switch wires back to a central location so I had options when technology in the HAuto sector took off. I wanted freedom from the norm, so I wouldn’t be restricted to off the shelf (usually expensive!) products. All my lights are controlled by esp switches/HA via industrial relay controls.