What Wall Switch Options are there?

Post the eBay link when available. I’m in for a couple.

@tmharris I would also be in for 2 or 3.

Awesome. Thanks! I’ll let you know.

guys…just buy a sonoff touch. you can get 1,2,or 3 Gang sonoff, and its really cheap about $10 each. One of my biggest mistake when I started automating my home was the lack of research… I spent about $1000 to start, buying those $40-$60 GE switches, Hue lights, Wink hub, GoControl garage opener and some other crap.
All I needed was a Z-wave usb stick for my rPi, a few sonoff basic, few sonoff touch, 2 sonoff 4-way. I could have saved around $600 if I knew what I know now.
and you can also cut that in half if you buy stuff from aliexpress, if you dont mind waiting a bit for the devices.


Just wish I had never even bothered with Z Wave to be fair… wifi is so much better… Replaced most of my stuff with Sonoff and Xiaomi now

Unless you live in Europe, where sonoff touch only have 1 gang and no space for sonoff basic inside wall

Doesn’t the Sonoff have neutral wire? I am patiently waiting for the Den products to be out next year www.getden.co.uk

Hey thanks for linking - I didnt see these before…
I dont think they are going to be cheap though :frowning:

But a smart dimmer that dims an incandescent load is just what I need! Just dont want to have another hub - already have philips hue and xiaomi hubs. I wonder what wireless protocol they’re using? That hub has some pretty chunky aerials!

Here is the link with the price list : http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/den-reinventing-the-light-switch-and-plug-socket

They had told me they would release their products in September 2017 but it’s now delayed to January 2018 (hopefully).

Lets hope they stick to those prices - they are more reasonable that I expected.
their crowd funding campaign was not exactly ambitious :slight_smile:

On 12th Aug 2016 we successfully raised £150 of £100 target with 3 supporters in 101 days

I have listed the switches on Ebay, the link is below.

… Or you don’t have a neutral wire behind your switches.

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I bought the Sonoff Touch, but I didn’t like the look of a switch that stuck out from the wall. The ones in the amazon link fit inside the standard box with the decora face plate, so it doesn’t stick out like the touch switches.

I am sold on the Den stuff,as the come in brushed chrome and multiple gangs. Thanks for the heads up. I just hope that can link into HA and don’t cost the earth…

With this procedure do you know if a hard-wired light will still toggle with the physical button and / or via HA?

Also, do you know if a “factory reset” will still bring the Relay back to factory settings or is this process irreversible?

@autumnwalker After installing the wink-MQTT-handler, the physical relays and the buttons are decoupled - the relays listen for an MQTT command (and report their status over MQTT) and the buttons send MQTT messages. So you’d need to couple them via an automation in HASS, but yes the buttons can still control the relays.

After all this is done, if you’d like to go back to stock you can; you just need to reboot while holding the top button, which takes you to the built in recovery menu, and then you can reset to the stock firmware image, which takes you back to the unboxed state.

Hi mate, mind sharing the schematic for your design? I am new to HA and have also been thinking of using ESP8266 to put behind each of my wall light switches, but not 100% on my design.

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No disrespect whatsoever to @Paulio as it is great work, but there is a 4ch Sonoff available, which has a similar form factor and is flashable with Tamsota to personalise the setup. Most of the articles I’ve read reckon the parts for a home built version are more expensive than buying the ready made version.

I would’ve made my own just for the satisfaction but couldn’t justify the price difference for the number I wanted.

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Thanks! Do you know if not installing the MQTT-handler will allow the buttons to work “as normal” and switch the internal relays? Would the internal relays be available to HA that way?

Yes of course if you don’t install Wink-relay-handler then the buttons will switch the relays. At that point I would set up the Wink relay with a wink account and then use the Wink integration with Home Assistant, I think that would give you access to the relays and maybe also the humidity and temp sensors too.