What Wall Switch Options are there?

Hi @sleepr, the image of the board with coloured lines is all I have. The way I use it is what normally goes into a light switch goes into a relay and then one of switch pins along with earth goes to the light switch, that way I can still use my light switch like normal as well as HA & Google Home. These boards are really just a proof of concept for connecting in via switches rather than direct to lights and I plan on not using esp8266 boards in the end. I will prob run them all back to a central location into a cabinet in my garage and run them off an Arduino ethermega or similar.

Hi @Bobby_Nobble, all good, I am open to better ideas but for my particular setup and needs the 4ch Sonoff would not work for me. I have not wired direct to lights and the main focus on my design and approach is to continue using regular light switches, as I do not want a wifi only setup and I do not want non-standard buttons or switches. I also plan on moving on from this house so an easily reversible setup is also very important. The Sonoff’s you recommend do not have an option to connect in a regular light switch and they are also designed to connect power directly into the unit and then to the lights you want to use. My approach only changes the the way light switches work and leaves all existing wiring in place.

If I want to sell my house and reverse my setup I simply take off the switch plate, remove my low gauge switch wires, disconnect my extra wire that goes to relay and connect back to the light switch as they were.

However, I am considering using Sonoff’s for lamps & xmass lights etc for temp setups or devices that don’t have a regularly fixed switch.



Sorry, hadn’t realised the Sonoff 4ch couldn’t be used with conventional switches in the way you wanted like the single relay Basic can.

What you describe is exactly how I’m setting up my Basics though, tap neutral to the Sonoff, move the switch wires to live on either end of it and connect the low voltage wires from the Sonoff header back to the switch. No need for neutral connection on the output side. Removal is just the reverse etc.

Unfortunate it only works for outside lights in the UK as they’re the only ones that’ll have a live feed in the wall box.

Just seen this so maybe it is possible with the 4ch…


So anyone here that has played with a WiFi wall dimmer switch like this?

Will tasmota or espurna work ?

Wallpad White WIFI Dimmer Light Switch EU UK 110~220V 3 Gang 2.4 Ghz Wifi IOS Android Wireless Dimmer Led Wall Light Switch
http://s.aliexpress.com/equAj2qu?fromSns=Copy to Clipboard
(from AliExpress Android)

When this one breaks down because of a blackout, is the only solution a replacement, ot it’d work without the WIFI connection?

Think you’ll find that switch needs Neutral so no good for 99% of the switches in the UK and similar in Europe I believe.

I’m fine with that because i am an electrician… i can pull a neutral wire from the central box, it’s not always easy but possible.

I am more looking for a good smart dimmer for my newly bought Philips filament led lamps. They are dimmable.
I just cant find a good esp based wall dimmer, rotary preferred. Lots of options in zwave but those things are way expensive… i need three of those and to spend 150 euro was not what i had in mind…

any suggestions here?

What is currently the best option for wall switches if you dont have neutral and have round hole in the wall (EU)?
I cant seem to find much on the aqara eu version…

Is the Xiaomi gateway really needed? I thought HA could manage Zigbee on its own…

It should be able to but I went with Hue and some 3d printed holders for the remotes in the end.

The option for universal zigbee are not really quit there yet.
They all tend to use a different protocol and have some private key that need to be guessed/cracked. Thankfully most of them used the default key.
Zigate is for example taking advantage of this weakness (but integration with ha are still in progress).

So there still isn’t a Wifi switch available with US dimensions that doesn’t require a neutral wire?

I only know if the aqara so I would say no, there isn’t.

I guess that means I must make sure that I also purchase the gateway… but that means I add another point of failure, another thing to manage/patch, etc… sucks :frowning:

Yep, it’s not perfect yet sadly. Zigbee is an universal protocol but manufacturer still want to block you in their own ecosystem…

What setup do you use. I have one and can’t seem to get it to work.

Hi @touliloup, this sounds interesting. Could you please elaborate a little further?


Hello everybody

just to crosspost here. I’m looking for wifi/esp (espurna/tasmota compatible) ‘manual’ wall switches.

Made a post here, but the one I found are only for UK. Anybody know’s something like this with a EU version?



I have a standard switch socket that is used for my outside light. It has 2 earth, 2 neutral and 2 live wires. Basic stuff but I am wanting to replace it with either a
Sonoff T1

or a
neo coolcam

Is that possible please?