What Wall Switch Options are there?

but they aren’t chrome… My wife wants chrome light switches to replace the chrome ones we have. I do have 1 Sonoff touch for the outside light which is next the sofa which she says looks great an futuristic. At this point I nearly wet myself thinking I was onto a winner… within 1 beat, she stated but not to replace the chrome switches… and life goes one :frowning: :smiley:

Well, not quite chrome, but certainly futuristic … (sorry for the German site)

yeah I have seen those thanks, but also need 2 and 3 gang switches, which these don’t do by the looks of it.

Futuristic in a 1970’s scifi kind of way :smile:


Tell her chrome is so 1990s and clean white is on trend.

You could always wrap the switches in chrome.

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OK my 2 gang US style touch switch arrived. This one:


Upon disassembly (easy) there are two PCB’s which simply press together via pins.

The back one has all the power components, including a power supply and what sound (clickety click) like relays.

The front one has the touch circuitry, some leds and what is almost certainly an ESP-12, complete with places to join up the usual TX/RX/3v3/GND/GPIO0 for flashing. Promising.

Upon initial power up it is ready to be paired to your android device running an App called “Smart Life” which is cloud based. Not something I am interested in really, although it appears to run the light switch as expected.

Before pairing to my phone I tried using sonota to see if it would flash Tasmota OTA, but no joy. It does not appear to create a dummy essid in the same way many other products do, although there was a mystery essid with a null name ( “” ) in a scan from my linux machine. However there didn’t seem to be a way to join that, and I am unsure if it is related.

So next I will try Tasmota via a physical connection.


I purchased this. Can you share the steps to flash it to Tosmota when you are done.

Thank you!

What WiFi switches do the US guys/gals seem to be going with? Single , double, or triple gang options. I’ve got a few I want to replace. I’ve done a couple with some Sonoff Basics in the box but it just doesn’t seem to fit me at this point on the trouble of putting them in the box, etc. I’d pay a few bucks more for an integrated switch that I just flash some firmware on it and call it a day. Neutrals aren’t a problem as I have typical wiring in my home where neutrals are in every switch box. I also don’t have any issues soldering, flashing, and writing my own code in Arduino IDE.

Since this thread helped me get started in my light switch search, I thought I’d contribute a new take on the practice of converting a Sonoff Basic into a light switch that I recently stumbled across & looks quite intriguing:
$5 Sonoff + $2 parts = Best Smart Switch EVER!

If you don’t mind DYI and stuffing a Sonoff basic into the switch box, this might be the cheapest solution I’ve come across so far! To be fair I haven’t tried it yet myself but I’m planning to order the parts & give it a go soon.

I haven’t managed it yet. I am continuing to try though!

Dr Zzs has some other videos on doing 3 way switches (ie the switches you have at each end of a hallway so people can switch on from either end).

See my post two above yours. I’ll let the thread know when it is going.

I saw that one you linked but is seems to be a single gang switch with 2 buttons.

I’m on the same page as @digiblur, Sonoff recently has the US T1 1-3 gang touch switch now. Waiting Tasmota to officially support them.
Sonoff T1 1-3 gang US

Does anyone know if there is a way to wire 2 T1 or T1/normal 3-way wall switch to function as 3-way switches?

Its a 2 gang switch and the same company do 3 gang.

I’m not seeing the 2 gang or 3 gang. Like the Sonoff T1’s I see them as 1-3 buttons in a single gang housing. Unfortunately I’m not looking to pull the box, put in a single and float some sheetrock.

This is the issue I’ve seen many people having to deal with. https://www.amazon.com/Screen-Switch-Required-Wireless-Control/dp/B074KY26WM/B075R9NZH1?ref=dp_vse_rvc0

I think you mistake what “3 gang” means. It means that it has three separate switches so you can control 3 circuits with it. But that doesn’t mean it has to be three times the size of a one gang switch.

In terms of old fashioned (non smart) I have one 5 gang switch at home, but it takes up one space on the wall, similar to this https://www.electricalwholesale.co.nz/switches/115-legrand-excel-life-5-gang-switch.html

Guess I’m an old school guy coming from wiring houses and such for years. Always went by the names of the boxes themselves and what the hardware stores call them. 1-gang, 2-gang, etc. We would put more than 3 switches inside a 3 gang at times.

3-gang box here… 6 screws, etc.

If we had a 3 gang box, we might throw in a 3-switch with 2 singles for 5 switches in one 3 gang box:


I’m not a contractor or electrician, but based on my DYI shopping experiences, I’m under the same impression that the number of gangs refers to the physical dimensions of the box, not the number of switches in it.

This may, of course, be down to regional usage too!