What (zigbee) smart plugs to buy that reports power & consumption? (Innr SP-120 EOL :( )

Currenly I have 8 Innr SP-120 zigbee smart plugs, hooked up via Conbee2 stick/Deconz/Phoscon to Home Assistant. Nice thing about these is, they report consumption and power as well.

Unfortunately Innr decided to discontinue them and replace them by SP-220, that don’t report power and consumption :frowning: And I still need more plugs :slight_smile:

Anyone knows a good replacement euro smart plug, zigbee & supported by Deconz (or wifi and supported by Home Assistant) that reports power and consumption and costs around 20 euro or less a piece?



Hi francisp
I have a deconz conbee ii. How can I connect the BlitzWolf® BW-SHP13 Zigbee 3.0 Smart WIFI Socket
with home assistant? have you tried it? Is it a stable connection?

I put my zigbee2mqtt in pairing mode and just plugged them in. They paired instantly, and have a stable connection.

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Hi francisp,

These plugs really look like a bargain and I am thinking of buying some. Could you please answer 2-3 questions if you know?

Is the energy monitoring for these plugs easy to set up and show up in HA? Do they act as Zigbee repeaters?

I am using a CC2531 Sonoff coordinator and already built my Zigbee network with the ZHA integration. I hope they are compatible with that.

Thank you

I use them with zigbee2mqtt, and they act as repeaters. With zigbee2mqtt, you don’t need to do anything to setup power monitoring, it is auto discovered.

mine arrived yesterday. They do work well with deconz too.

I’m using them in the mean time. More on the way. Anybody knows whether the Lidl plugs support power & consumption reporting?

Website shows that Lidl plugs are zigbee on/off. No monitoring.
I don’t own any, so maybe some owners can confirm.

Thank you for your answer.

Has anyone used these Blitzwolf plugs with ZHA? Is there any specific configuration for them to show the power metering function?

Do you have a solution yet?
I have also successfully integrated the plugs with ZHA and already tried utility_meter. But now I just do not know how to calculate the consumption, as well as the electricity costs.

So we have to hope that ZHA will be updated soon or we need a workaround?
A workaroung would be ok for me, but I’m still having trouble to implementing one.


Yes wait to see if ZHA devs comment in [Device Support Request] BlitzWolf BW-SHP13 smart plug (aka Tuya TS0121) · Issue #605 · zigpy/zha-device-handlers · GitHub