What's your favourite ESP32 board? (# Best, good, cheap, quality, reliable)

I just received one and cannot install it in ESPhome
Have you received yours ? where have you ordered from ?
(me PiHut … a uk based shot and I received some customs fees cause I’m EU based :cry: )

I’ve posted here :

I’ve used a couple of the Picos them. The C3U is on the shelf, I hope there are no bigger issues setting them up with ESPHome. I wanted to try these days.

M5Stamp Pico (no big surprise here):

  name: test
  platform: esp32
  board: pico32

That’s the C3U I’m struggeling with
Even it’s the first time I’m ‘playing’ with those kind of boards
I’m not sure I’ll buy C3U any more

Thx for that quick reponce.

Any one buying from amazon ?
I’ve seen a lot of Ebays, Ali Express
What do you think about this one for eg :

I just ordered from https://thepihut.com/ and had some big customms fees (uk shop and I’m EU based)
fees were 25€ out of a 50€ order :’(

I grouped a few names seen on this post.

Lolin seems to have succes but not all supported and long delivery time from what i see.
LILYGO® TTGO T7 V1.5 Mini32 also on aliexpress seemed to have more then one good review here !

  • QuinLED-ESP32
  • Olimex POE
  • MH-ET LIVE D1 mini’s
  • LILYGO® TTGO T7 V1.5 Mini32 > more than one good comment
  • LOLIN D1 mini
  • Waveshare ESP32 One A Mini
  • TinyPICO
  • MicroDev microS2
  • Seeed Studio Xaio ESP32-C3
  • nodemcu V4
  • wesp32
  • Lolin S2 Mini > attention
  • Lolin C3 Mini > attention

I have a M5stack STAMP-C3U > first time playing with those but I’m struggeling

Really, we can’t see your cart on amazon.

I’ll try later this week. Based on these resources:

I would expect a config like this (untested! probably not working):

  name: test
  platform: ESP32
  board: esp32dev
    platform: espressif32
    board: esp32-c3-devkitm-1
    board_build.mcu: esp32c3
    board_build.f_cpu: 160000000L
    upload_protocol: esptool
      - -D USBCON
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hahah sorry
link updated

By the way… with the help of radybb from esphome discord I got my M5stack STAMP-C3U working.
It had something to do with my newbie state more than a board problem.

He also shared this good EU site for ordering without any custom fees : https://www.distrelec.de

Good for you but would you please share your working solution? Thanks, appreciated!

sure :slight_smile:

M5stack STAMP-C3U
HAOS running on raspbery pi 4

At the moment basic board config seem working.
I’m still trying to add sensor for ‘Bt low energy bridge config’


press central button while plugging board to HA server
this is my yaml (not sure all is needed, because build after lots of test) :

  name: bluetooth-low-energy-bridge
    board_build.flash_mode: dio
     - toolchain-riscv32-esp @ 8.4.0+2021r1
     - toolchain-xtensa-esp32s2 @ 8.4.0+2021r1

  board: esp32-c3-devkitm-1
  variant: esp32c3
    type: esp-idf

  hardware_uart: USB_SERIAL_JTAG

i hope this will help

One of the ESPHome Devs mentioned on Discord that support for a lot more variants will come with the 21st Dec release and are now available in the dev branch.

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Do you happen to have the IO’s used for relay, buttons and and LED’s for this board?

Hello, I’ve too many boards and projects in my lab. If you can specify what board you are interested in, I will see if I have some notes that will be of use.

Was able to print some of my own with my label maker. Might be able to get the quality a bit better but they do the job.

LILYGO® TTGO T7 Mini32 V1.5

I hope this improves general performance of Lolin S2 Mini.

Hello @dproffer, I’ve just received one board like the one in your link:

Right now, I have working Relay (GPIO16), Button (GPIO0), Led (GPIO23), but I’m struggling to configure a DHT temperature sensor in Esphome. If I choose GPIO25 or other similar pin, the temperature sensor doesn’t work,

[14:12:11][W][dht:169]: Requesting data from DHT failed!
[14:12:11][W][dht:060]: Invalid readings! Please check your wiring (pull-up resistor, pin number).

But if I configure the temperature sensor in GPIO23 (the one assigned to the LED) the temperature sensor starts reporting data.

This is my current “working” configuration:

  upper_devicename: termostato_multi

  name: termostato-multi
  platform: ESP32
  board: nodemcu-32s

  ## Relay
  - platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO16
    name: ${upper_devicename} relay
    id: relay

  ## Boton 1
  - platform: gpio
      number: GPIO0
      inverted: true
    name: ${upper_devicename} button_01
    id: button_01
      - switch.toggle: relay

## LED
  - id: led_output
    platform: gpio
    pin: GPIO23  
  - platform: binary
    name: ${upper_devicename} led
    id: template_led
    output: led_output

## Sensor temperatura
  - platform: dht
    model: AM2302
      # inverted: true
      number: GPIO25
      mode: INPUT
      name: ${upper_devicename} temperature
      id: temp_room
      name: ${upper_devicename} humidity
      id: humidity_room
    update_interval: 60s

Did you manage to get working any other exposed GPIOs?

In other terms, I am thinking to use the board as thermostat inside my wall. Have you done something similar or have you had a negative experience that makes me give up the idea?

Thank you!

Hi Daniel,

I did not work with this board in ESPHome, but only with native ESP tools. And I never went beyond basic I/O code. So I cannot be of much help. You might try simple I/O on the pins you are using and check with logic analyzer to see if you might have a bad solder joint to the lead out. Also compare and contrast with a naked ESP32 board of you have one. The devices I received seem solid, no issues that I remember, I have yet to put one in any production app as yet. As to whether it is a good idea to put in wall, you could look back through this discussion thread to see peoples opinions on safety. Good hunting!

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For further support on it, please create a new topic. Cheers.

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Thank you very much for your fast and specific answer!
Apparently I have it working now, my fault, poor soldering prevented good contact on a pair of pins.

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I checked the QuinLED and for European buyer, pay attention that AllNetChina is not declaring VAT. Therefore you will be charged extra fees + VAT when coming to your country.

I did not find any other store that are selling the QuinLED so I don’t think they are an option for european citizen (or at a very high cost compare to other possibilities).

If anybody knows a place where I can buy it from EU, please let me know :wink:


Also interested in this.