What's your Project/Activity List for the Holiday Break?

Typically this is the time of year where one takes long/overseas trips to visit family and/or explore new destinations (Rome, Istanbul, South Carolina … ?). However, with the pandemic, many of us had to scale down and play it safe, and be less adventurous. For many of us, we can invest a bit more time in HA. Curious as to what members the community are planning to work on.

I did all the basic/easy/built-in integrations. Next, I’d like to do some Wyze and Feit switches integrations, and if I’m done, I could spend a bit more time on re-cycling my ADT SafeWatchPro.

What are your plans? Go ahead, we need ideas.

I’m currently installing a number of TP-Link switches. Once there in place I’ll be learning how to use Node-Red to built a number of Automations. I see that one Automation I had in mind is now covered by a Blueprint, which I’m going to try once my “Blue Package” arrives.

Between HA additions/improvements and Node-Red, there will be lot’s of learning going on!

As we and the rest of the world wrestles Covid-19 to the ground, I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season.

Thank you Rob, all the best to you and family as well for the holidays … and these challenging times.

You gave me one more idea, I need to look into NodeRed and what it can do.

PS. I lived in Canada many years back, Toronto used to be very festive and bustling this time of year. Wonder how it is now. The borders are still closed, and the kids want to see the falls, as the view from Canada is way more picturesque than from south of the border.

Unfortunately Toronto, as well as York, Hamilton and Windsor-Essex are considered grey-zones. This means they’re pretty much locked down. Essential services are open, hospitals and seniors residence are closed to outsiders, stores are closed (except grocery, beer and liquor stores), restaurants may only serve take-out and most employees work from home. I’m in Stratford (west of Toronto). We’re considered an orange-zone. Our restrictions are not as tight. Stores and restaurants are opened but with very limited occupancy. Thirty-three percent occupancy is what I think they’re allowed to have.

I’ve not spent much time south of the border so I cannot comment on it’s beauty, or lack thereof. I do recognize Canada’s beauty, having driven many miles through western, southern and central Ontario, Alberta, B.C., PEI, New Brunswick and Quebec. Some stunning views indeed!

Too bad, hopefully this situation gets resolved soon. I lived in Toronto/MississaugaWaterloo for 4+ years. I visited many cities while there (Ottawa/Montreal/Vancouver) … always clean/safe/bustling … even at 2:00 AM. Can’t wait to visit again once this craziness is gone. Enjoy the holidays, and stay safe