When Home Assistant can be installed on Raspberry pi 5?

Hello all the community!!
I’m a beginner in this word of demotic,i bought a raspberry pi 5 trusting in some yo-tubers.They write big topics as : install Home assistant on pi5 8go ) but is not true knowing that pi5 is not supported by HOME ASSISTANT COMPANY,So i’m realy blocked now ,I DON’T know if buy a pi4 or wait months to guive the utility i owe for my Pi 5? WHAT DO YOU THINK? I ACCEPT ALL KIND HELPERS,THANK YOU ALL,

I would buy an Intel based SSF PC that boots from an SSD by default instead of buying a Raspberry + M.2 hat + case/cooler/whatever people buy for their Pis. SD cards like to die really fast.

N100 is the latest gen, N5100 is the one before that. But used ones are also fine, I have a Fujitsu S740 with an Intel J4105.

It is still a work in progress. The last news was an issue with UBOOT for it.
Follow the discussion on github here: Raspberry Pi 5 support · home-assistant/operating-system · Discussion #2844 · GitHub

Towards the bottom that there are images in beta testing currently!! So it is getting there.

Does anyone have an idea when it will be supported? Discussion on GitHub is stopped to Jan 11 ( and also locked ) :frowning:

it is supported now.

No, it is not supported yet. When following the official installation method with the Pi Imager, it says “preview” version.


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Yes but it does work - see Expected support for Home Assistant OS on the Raspberry Pi 5

Agreed, I’am using docker/docker-compose as a test environment. I frequently update the RPI5 OS (bookworm) to the latest releases. So far I have not encountered any problems. Within the next 36 hours I will be updating HA from 2024.2.4 to 2024.3.0b0 (beta version).

HA OS 12.0 adds official Pi5 support, and is already released.