Expected support for Home Assistant OS on the Raspberry Pi 5

On September 28, Raspberry Pi surprised the world (and, truthfully, us) by announcing the Raspberry Pi 5. This new board promises more than twice the speed of the Raspberry Pi 4 and is already available for pre-order. Raspberry Pi expects to ship them to customers by the end of October.

According to our analytics, a third of all Home Assistant users currently use the Raspberry Pi 4 as their dedicated Home Assistant system. In fact, Home Assistant OS is the third-most installed OS on Raspberry Pi boards in general. So, we suspect many of you eagerly await the new Raspberry Pi 5 to upgrade your Home Assistant installation. We’re just as excited about this new release as you are, and we will start development for it as soon as we receive our pre-release boards from Raspberry Pi!

As we have not been part of Raspberry Pi’s beta program, adding support for the Raspberry Pi 5 to Home Assistant OS has not started yet. At this point, it is still hard to estimate how much work it will be, but we want to stress that this is a major task that we want to get right. While beta versions will be released early, we currently do not expect a stable release to come out until the end of this year or early 2024.

That means you cannot run Home Assistant OS on the Raspberry Pi 5 at launch. Alternative installation methods that do not use Home Assistant OS are available, but we only recommend those for advanced users. If you currently use Home Assistant OS and have pre-ordered a Raspberry Pi 5, we recommend waiting for a stable release for the Raspberry Pi 5 to come out before moving your installation.

For owners of Home Assistant Yellow, Raspberry Pi has yet to make any statement about a potential Compute Module 5 based on the Raspberry Pi 5. We can only indicate compatibility with Home Assistant Yellow once they provide information about a new Compute Module and its specifications. We also want to point out that there were 16 months between the release of the Raspberry Pi 4 and the release of the Compute Module 4. For those currently looking for Compute Module 4 to complete their Home Assistant Yellow kits, we are happy to report that Compute Module 4 has become more widely available again, as seen on rpilocator.

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Excellent news. I was wondering about this.

What in the world makes you qualify for a beta program if qualifications don’t involve the top 5? If the guys at Raspberry are reading this post I think you need to reach out and fix that.


Excellent news !

Yeah well. Third most installed OS in this case translates to around 6%. The top two make almost 80%. Still, NC should absolutely have been invited into the beta program.

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Waiting patiently to upgrade from RPI3 with the 1GB ram constantly over 85% of use. 🥲

we are happy to report that Compute Module 4 has become more widely available again, as seen on rpilocator.

Only in Europe, unfortunately. Very limited in the US, not seen in Canada at all since May.


Honestly, the 5 looks nice but I somehow doubt that the problems of the 4 were fixed. Using the same dual purpose wifi chip, you probably still can’t use ble mouse and keyboard at the same time.
I wonder if the new 5 has support for hardware en-/decoding of encryption (e.g. for decent ssh/sftp support).

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If someone would like to join the beta program, just go here:

Beta forum registration post

The Alpha forum (which is probably what people are actually asking about), is a separate forum that a small number of people (currently about 20) have been invited to. We send them hardware early under NDA so that we can get early feedback. Some of the image maintainers are on that list (Ubuntu, OSMC for example) but mostly because we have had a long-term relationship with those people. To get into the alpha forum as a random user, you’d need to be known on the Raspberry Pi forums, join the beta forum, and help out with testing software releases etc. In fact, around 20 of the beta forum members have now been sent Pi 5 units to thank them for (unknowingly) helping to develop the Bookworm image for Pi 5.

Gordon Hollingworth (CTO-Software at Raspberry Pi)


Does it? The Orange Pi 5 (RK3588) is available since around a year and available benchmarks look like this “old” SBC is not only offer more performance than the not (yet) available Raspberry Pi 5 but is specially (much) more efficient :trophy:

Yes, for a RPi it looks nice. But it does not look like a significant improvement.

Compared to other devices it remains what it was before: cheap, simple and low(ish) power consumption.

I think the real question is how Home Assistant/Nabu Casa can get on that Alpha list, so they can start preparing to get HAOS ready for the new hardware as soon as possible (preferably at launch)

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Why are you waiting patiently? You realize 4 comes after 3 and before 5, right? The pi4 was released YEARS ago. Other than during covid, they have been widely available and are available right now.

I always skip a model, I do that with all kind of gear.
It improves my patience skill and makes me feel like a less dumb consumer.


Ya, that makes a lot of sense… kinda like wiping before you poo. You do realize there are dozens of really good projects you can use these for, right? HA is just one thing you can do with one and you can arguably never have to many rpi laying around.

:roll_eyes: O K… Thanks for your input.

As stated before in a quote it looks like the raspberry pi trading ltd rushed indeed releasing this board. Every day passing this 16nm lithography design (introduced 2016 - so 7 years old) it’s collecting dust. :man_shrugging:

As a side note a RK3588(S) comes with a NPU integrated with 6 TOPS (50% more than a coral NPU) :muscle:

The Orange Pi 5 Plus even features 2xPCIe and 2.5G LAN :rocket:

The Price for a (available) Orange Pi 5 VS a (not available) Raspberry Pi 5 looks like to be in the same ball park while the later offers much less (CPU,GPU,NPU,Storage) :no_entry_sign::strawberry:

And the “new” VideoCore 7 GPU from the Raspberry Pi 5 looks like a joke based on the limited information available

It looks like to have 12 (:warning:) times lower performance than the Mali G610 found in the two year older RK3588 based SBC’s like the Orange Pi 5 :astonished:

Graphics card ARM Mali-G610 MP4 Broadcom VideoCore VII
Market (main) Desktop Desktop
Release date Q2 2021 Q3 2023
Performance FP32 (float) 610.6 GFLOPS 51.2 GFLOPS

Looks like the Raspberry 5 is easy 2 years late for the show :tada:

Maybe they are now the Apple of SoCs :wink:

And this is completely irrelevant. HA does not run on the GPU.


As is the 6 TOPS NPU for HA at this very moment - and now comes the but (not butt :wink:) HA supports various add-ons which can make use of (supported) GPU’s and NPU’s to (greatly) lower CPU usage :rocket:

For example my HaOS machine also runs frigate which does support off-loading to compatible GPU/VPU and NPU/TPU :bulb:

I also expect that HA actually utilizes GPU/VPU accelerators already today for stuff like video de/transcoding (hwaccel with ffmpeg) for showing cameras on lovelace for example :video_camera:

There’s the x86 platform for that, with some real dedicated GPU / TPU power, rather than some half baked SBC.