Where are helpers stored when created in the gui?

where are helpers stored when created within the gui, can i take the file from one installation and add it to a new installation to have all the helpers already without having to restore something? like is there a helpers file or something?


These are stored in a hidden folder \config\.storage and there is one text file for each helper type.

It is not recomended to edit these files and the best way to do this for your situation might be to configure the helpers in yaml rather than via the gui so that they can be copied around easily.


Oh, how does one do that?

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I just had the same question. The important helpers can be added directly in the configuration.yaml via input_boolean, input_number, input_select, input_datetime, input_text. See for example here. For more information use the documentation and search for “input”.

There are other helpers that I couldn’t find. Probably, it’s fine to just define them via the UI when needed. However, I prefer a full yaml configuration.

OK, stupid question, but WHY is it like that?

I mean, other stuff like Scripts gets synchronised between the UI and configuration.yaml – why are Helpers the exception? Maybe it could be improved?


Yeah I mean I think it would make sense if they were both together. Like the the configuration was just updated with the helpers as their added or something.


Is this still the case? As I cannot find them in this folder \config\.storage

I can see the files on my system as below:


I have the input_boolean but that is not where my helpers live.

if you want to transfer helpers, you should use yaml not the UI for input_boolean

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I would also like to update my helper with yaml rather than GUI. I have a schedule helper and the GUI only seems to let me adjust time in 30min increments - I would like more granular control.
Is this possible?

Consult the documentation for the schedule integration, you’ll see that it is.

The document says that “Alternatively, a schedule can also be created and configured via YAML configuration” but says nothing about where they’re stored when created by GUI, which is the original question.

That wasn’t your question….

this whole thread is about helpers created by GUI

Right but you asked if it could be done and I provided the way it can be done, which is only yaml. Not sure how I can make it any more clear.

You want smaller increments than 15 minutes? Use yaml, via the link I posted above.

Brilliant thanks for the help

Is this the hidden place to be able to delete helpers that you can’t delete through the UI?

I found my helpers in /config/.storage/core.config_entries, which is a JSON file.

The preferred way to delete helpers is, in the [current] version of HA:

  1. go to Settings->Devices & Services->Helpers
  2. click on the helper you want to delete (more-info pop-up appears)
  3. click on the cog icon at the top right (GUI editor opens)
  4. click on Delete at the bottom left.

Does not work for “Change device type of a switch”.

So really, where are these stored?