Where are the helpers!?

And I can’t find it in configuration>automation> it’s not there…

Look in Settings>Devices & Services>Helpers

EDIT: Look at the tabs at the top!

Nope. There’s 3 pre existing blueprints only and no choices to do anything other than import blueprints. The 3 in there are Confirmable Notification, Motion-activated light, and Zone Notification. That’s it.

YEP! You’re looking in the wrong place! Look in Settings>Devices & Services>Helpers Look at the tabs at the top.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show your helper entities.

Tip, when you are in a page in HA, press ‘m’ on your keyboard to get a link to a ‘My’ page to show others the way.

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This was it, thanks!

When I’m on this forum, a PC is mostly 2 floors above me in my house. Is there anything like that on an iPad?

The difficulty I find is bringing up a keyboard where there is no text input area, on android anyway.

And if there is an input area, the m goes in there, so keyboard shortcuts are not mobile friendly.