Where are the kernel modules?

Hi, I installed HAOS generic-x86-64 (v12.3) on a stk1aw32wfc . I wanted to try some bluetooth integrations but my hci0 device was not detected. On ubuntu, this hardware works with the rtl8723bs driver. I tried sshing into HAOS with the ssh integration, and I see CONFIG_RTL8723BS=m in /proc/config.gz . But there’s no /lib/modules directory nor any other .ko files I can find in the filesystem. I looked on the github releases page but I didn’t find any extra artifacts. Where can I download the modules from the kernel build?

I doubt whether you are in the os unless you have activated port 22222. Have you?

PS, easiest way to do so is here 🆕[add-on] HassOS SSH port 22222 Configurator