Where do I find an integrations scan interval?

With 2021.6 I like the fact that I can change an intergrations scan interval but I haven’t been able to find the default interval for the integration. For instance I want to change the interval on IQVIA to be once or twice a day but after looking thru the integration code I didn’t see how often it currently runs.

Polling sensors update every 30 seconds by default.

Where did you find this information? IQVIA goes to the internet that often? wow

No. That is a cloud polling sensor.

DEFAULT_SCAN_INTERVAL = timedelta(minutes=30)


Remember that only YAML integrations support setting a scan_interval - for UI ones you have to disable automated updates, and then use the homeassistant.update_entity service to update it on demand.

@tom_l, thank you so much, I looked at that code but never saw it

@Tinkerer yep, that’s the way I read the update…thanks