Where is my disk space going?

I know there are lots of posts about this and I apologize for adding another one, but I’m stumped. I have 64gb of space allocated to my VM:

When I look at what I am using I see that more than half is gone:

So then I use ncdu (fancy du) from / to drill into where the space is going and I can only find about 6gigs being used. So where are the other 33 gigs? Is there some secret space between the VM and the HA OS that I am unable to see?

I recently had a problem where I ran out of space due to a log file going nuts and that prompted me to investigate this.


Try “du” / folder of vm. This should point to location of used storage i expect.

sudo du -hd 1 /

-hd purpose just in case you or other not familiar
"- h"makes makes number 1k instead of 1000 for example. Human readable

“-d” is depth to check. 0 summarizes size of folder selected. 1 checks folder and its subfolders. 2 checks folders, subfolders and inside subfolders and so on. It determines depth to check.

Similar result:

I would guess that missing storage cannot be seen by OS inside VM but i have poor knowledge of VMs.

After i tried everything i would probably try recreate VM if it took little effort.

Okay, figured something out that might be obvious to others, but wasn’t to me. I have continued to poke around posts and articles to troubleshoot this problem and came across this bit:

So on the host machine, in the VMWare window, I typed “login” to the command prompt and then used my HA credentials to log in. From there, when I run du, etc, I see the space. It turns out mine was in various places that I couldn’t see without taking this additional login step. It would be nice if the documentation was updated somehow to make this obvious, but I see light at the end of the tunnel now:


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