Where is the installer for the wyoming satellite?

To date I have followed this tutorial https://github.com/rhasspy/wyoming-satellite/blob/20bbd3cb4f69f26930d8ecb577901472c2df17fd/docs/tutorial_2mic.md

However in the recent competition video @synesthesiam showed an installer

Anyone know how to install that as I am not finding any other reference to it?

python -m installer (within the top level of the cloned directory structure)

It is right under the guide you have used. But i had the same problem to find it at the beginning. Be careful! i had issues to install the driver with the setup tool and only openwakeword works not porcupine. Maybe combine the two guides at least for installing the recommended driver. :slight_smile:

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I must have cloned this before Mike added the installer as “No module named installer”. I will try and work out how to update it…

OK updated. Should there be any relationship between the audio settings in the installer (e.g. gain and noise suppression) and the entities in HA? Changing either seems to have no effect on the other and I am having trouble working out if it is actually doing anything?

Once you apply settings, it should generate the service files in a local directory so you can check it out.

It’s best if you use the noise suppression, etc. on the device itself so it won’t take resources away from HA. You don’t want it in both places, as this will do double filtering, boosting, etc.

Ok thanks Mike I actually thought the HA settings were sending that info back to the Pi. I’ll test some more.

Hey, I’m using ReSpeaker 2 Mic, and when I turn on the LED feedback, the satellite stops working. Anybody else facing this issue?

hay so i started down a different path using a pi zero 2w and the 2 mic hat. it works much better then the esp device and i was able to use a small screen with it to provide feedback and input. if i can git the interface working the way i would like i may post a video about my setup. but that means i have stoped any work into the esp32 box. the speaker is just to week. also i was able to run MPD on the pi zero at the time so i can use that to send music and tts to the device.

Sounds great. I’m sure many would be interested!

I have the same issue. No Leds working. I i even had to install a new image everytime I enabled led option on my respeaker 2 mic version.

Yeah. Using the installer allows for chimes to indicate the speaker state and I am now just using that

This is how you can make it work with just small inconvenience until installer is fixed

Here is my config for the wyoming satellite.service. i used https://github.com/rhasspy/wyoming-satellite/blob/8850100ca658a80708e562e6741739ed27c91f99/docs/tutorial_2mic.md
to git it setup.

Description=Wyoming Satellite

ExecStart=/home/sam/wyoming-satellite/script/run --name 'my satellite' --uri 'tcp://>


For those who to try this out or simple in general want to use this with docker, I’ve build a ready to use image: Docker
See some more info in the readme GitHub - sker65/wyoming-satellite: Remote voice satellite using Wyoming protocol
Will do a pull request soon.
Currently the docker is amd64, if someone needs arm64 just ping me