Which Aircondition (Heat/Cool) can be controlled by HA

Hi Guys,

I am looking for an Aircondition (Heat/Cool) can be controlled completly (heat /cool/and level) by HA.
I am asking because I want to use my additional electrical energy from my photovoltais to heat/cool my house. The device should be available in Germany.

Would be great if you know any.



You could use ESP32 to build an IR sensor & add ESPHome to it.

Above link will help you check compatible Air conditioner brands.


A broadlink RM4 will control most A/cs Broadlink - Home Assistant

I second the Broadlink RM4 solution, if you don’t want to recable or purchase a whole new system or thermostat. I used to have my previous rented home AC controlled thorugh broadlink. It takes some time to train all codes, plus you don’t have a “current state” (you need to derive it from the actions your perform through HA), but otherwise very versatile.
Now i switched homes and my cheap landlord has this… https://manualzz.com/doc/63886127/watts-industries-ecolux-04.07.605-instructions good luck integrating that.

Sensibo also works well, although cloud.

Many Mitsubishi can be controlled by an esp directly without IR.

Many can be controlled by esphome via IR. ESPHome — ESPHome

And of course there is the list here to go through. Integrations - Home Assistant

Newer Mitsubishi equipped with WiFi module works through MELCloud integration.
There is, in mine opinion, just one annoying thing:
If I change something via remote, it takes around minute to see change in HA, and if something changed via HA remote never get update. But I can live with that.

Any midea branded AC?

EspHW described here:

Smart aircon tends to cost a pretty hefty premium over non-smart. I use the SmartIR HACS addon with a Broadlink RM4 Mini and it works very well. Obviously it doesn’t sync with the aircon’s remote, but I never use that any more anyway. There is a fairly large list of supported aircons here.

Wow Guy, thajs for the great Insights. A Lot to read. Will Post my solution, when implemented

I also use SmartIR with a broadlink, as the AC is a ‘dumb’ oldy…
But, as mentioned, no feedback, so if the AC misses an IR command, HA wouldn’t know about it :thinking:

So i prefer to use the EspHome module, easy and works flawless on my 2 other AC’s

I believe Sensibo stays in sync with the IR remote - in the sense that when you use the remote, Sensibo can read it as well as the AC reading it.

Mitsubishi via MEL cloud too. But in oposite direction, because my mitsubishi AC have ‘smart’ remote with display, it memorizes state of the AC and when is something changed via cloud, remote don’t see change. Not very important, but annoying.

Hast anyone experience with Samsung aircons with integrated WiFi?