Which Coral Accelerator is compatible with my intel nuc?

I am planing to buy me a coral accelerator because I want to run my surveillance on 5mp main feed.
I have a
Intel NUC Boxnu C7I3BNH Core i3 7100U 2.4GHz Dual Core HD620 2x DDR4 SO-DIMM Max 32 GB/M.2
And want to buy me a coral m2 slot… question is… WHICH ONE?
The M.2 Accelerator with Dual Edge TPU is overkill for 2-4 5mp cameras?
And i have no idea what which one of the 3 fits in y NUC.

Here are the nuc specs:

And here the coral

Any advice is welcome :smiley:

So the Nuc has the capability for a M.2 sata or nvme.
your best bet would be to get a B&M key sized unit.

Hope this will help

ye i am just reading up on that.
Problem is it seems that m.2 is only for wifi modules and ssds… wtf…

This is the one we run on one of our NUC’s as the M.2 SATA are being used for SSD.

Ye i dont want to use up my usb port for that if i have a m.2 slog available…

As i read the docs the B&M is the one i need.
Problem is i found one post about another model on intel forums which says it does not work as expansion port

Any toughs if this was just a lvl 1 tech support blubberings?

Because on my nuc the wifi is integrated… And i read in the specs that it is a 2280 expansion port.


His nuc had 2 m.2 and one one was only for ssd and wifi… mine has only one and it is standard… OK…
Ordering one now.

Do report back on how it goes, and maybe share what your HW/SW setup and use case are around your new Coral.

ofc i will. :smiley:
It will only take a while untill i get the part.

I was wondering the same thing, but I ordered the USB version to be safe (and I could buy one from a friend and get it right away). Would appreciate if you would report the result :innocent:

Sadly just got notification it is on backorder until 18.1.2o21… ~~`

Wanted to tell you that. They are literally on back order until may 2021 (in my country at least).
But the B&M keys should work fine, but are you willing to sacrifice a high speed storage device

Why sacrifice? i have a ssd in it don’t use the m.2 slot. And it is a server for HASS and backups only.

Would the dual coral work on my m.2 as i read it is a E key and i read to their spec:
“M.2 storage module supporting M.2 2242 and
M.2 2280 (key type M and B+M) modules
Note: Supports key type M (PCI Express* x1/x2/x4 and SATA)”


I am afraid it is not… or am i wrong?

I think its not supported because of the E key.
You could check if there is a wifi module in it with E key?

Got my delivery date for the m.2 stick… February 2021… sooo in 3 months.
Pray i don’t forget this thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you guys having any luck passing through your Coral USB Accelerators in esxi into HA ?
mine is showing with incorrect IDs 1a6e:089a Global Unichip Corp. therefore Firgate is failing to see it.

Which Coral module did you order in the end? Did it work?

still waiting for my coral… ~~` i ordered the 2+m as far i remember… i doubt it will ever come.

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back in stock

in stock

Were you able to overcome the issue with USB passthrough? I have a NUC on the way, and will be installing ESXi on it.

Nop. I decided to move over to ProxmoxVE.