Which one would you choose if you see the following two products?

Hi Guys, we are planning to issue a new smart thermostat, could I know which design you prefer?

If you can control it by turning the ring, B.

No, it needs to be controlled by press the arrows.

B for me out of the two. A looks like a party food plate glued to the wall.

How large is it?

They are all 115x115mm

Another vote for B from me.

Not sure about the design with white digits on white background.

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B 100%

The visual space is cleaner with B. You focus on the data easier.

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Hi Dave, thank you for your voting :slight_smile:

Thank you for your voting :slight_smile:

Are you saying that the white digits is not easily distinguishable on the white background? We can adjust the color of the light to a little bit yellow. So, do you prefer A or B?

B for me :slight_smile:

Hi Francis, thank you :slight_smile:

B for me too…

Thank you for voting :slight_smile:

Who is “we”?

Both options look good to me especially in black with the way the data reads, the white versions would be best viewed in person in a review to see how they look as its harder to read the white font on a white background (would be nice to allow the user to customise color of the led’s used in the outputs).

Here’s a tip, you can use polls to gather information like this without having each person reply:

  • Thermostat A
  • Thermostat B
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You can access the polls option here:

Then, if anyone has any additional information, they can leave a comment with that information as well :grinning:

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Hi Robert,
This is really a good idea. We are thinking that make the white digits a little bit yellow.
It is great to customize the color, but we are not sure if we can achive this in such a small product, but I will told my engineers.
Thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi Jack,
We are actually a Chinese manufacturer, and now we are designing a new smart thermostat for our European customers, but they do not have a solution right now, so I post some designs on the forum to see what kind of design is better.