Which zwave witch supports S1 and S2 in home-assistant

I tried multiple modules now from fibaro and qubino but I have trouble getting the S2 button correctly functioning within homeassistant. S2 is sometimes registered, but status updates aren’t registered.

Is this not possible cause of openzwave issues or are there other zwave modules that work correctly. For example aeotec of philio?

Can anybody recommend some?

What do you mean with S1 and S2, 2 switches on the same zwave relay?

I have used Qubino Flush 2 relays and they work great.

Also see here

The FGS223 is a dual relay switch module. S1 is working, but S2 is recognized within openzwave, but its status wont update or it sends the state to the module.

But this also seems the case with modules which has a virtual S2 switch. I would like to get them to work with automation, but without direct status report its useless.

The qubino flush 2 relay does work for you in homeassistant? So 2 switches are presented and both react instantly?

Jep, both working (including a virtual “switch both” switch)