Who do we request for adding FIET products to Integration?

How do we go about getting FIET added to Integrations? I am unfamiliar with the process here at HA. It would be appreciated if we could.

Thank you.

You request support here and wait for a developer that is also interested in the product to investigate adding it.

Also I assume you meant FEIT?

If so, a search of the forum revealed this:

Thank you for letting me know.

I will try the TUYA component.

Tuya app does recognize the Feit devices so thanks on that.

Setting up Tuya IoT Platform, when scanning QR through Tuya app I get this message when confirming log in “You can not scan the QR code to add device deployed in another data center” and I can not go any further.

This following this instruction Tuya - Home Assistant

Thanks again, John

So change the chosen data-center.

I am not sure what or where the data center is. This is new to me. Thank you for your patience.