Why are all automations in one big list?

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to keep track with my 200+ automations. It would need something like folders, groups or tags.

I just added this as well.so many posts about this. I think there is a feature request with over 300 votes.


Exactly, it isn’t scaling up very well in this area

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Adding my support for this. I currently prefix my automation titles to help some, but as the list grows, it isn’t great.


I also prefix them, but ideally tags would be great, to be able to tag an automation for several things (lighting, schedule and presence for example)


I like that we can filter per room, but I would love if this was expanded upon. I want to be able to scroll through my list of automation and have headers for each room, that would make things easier for me.

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Same as everyone else here, prefixes for me. I think perhaps tags would be better than folders as you could assign multiple to an automation rather than trying to fit an automation into a specific folder.


I was just about to add this too, so good job I scanned the WTH posts first! Such an obvious thing - this surely has to be a realistic feature for implementation soon.

Tagging AND/OR adding them in a Folder would be the best. I also use names to get the rooms, but sometimes I also get lost and will find an automation with Ctrl+F…


TBH I vote for every approach of adding a bit of additional organization to the automations section. But at the same time I have absolutely no issues organizing my ~ 150 automations with nothing else than a more or less strict naming convention (friendly_name plus if possible also the entity name).

Roughly (with few parts being optional) for friendly_name:
[Domain][ActionType] _ [Area/Place] _ [Description]

Like (few examples)

  • Climate ON_Heating OG bathroom
  • Cover DOWN_Close all blinds
  • Cover UP_Open all blinds
  • Cover SET_Activate sun protection
  • Light-Control_EG kitchen
  • Light-Control_EG dining room
  • Notify_Devices_dishwasher finished
  • Notify_Devices_mobile devices storage warning
  • Notify_Devices_washing machine finished
  • Notify_Diverse_Updates
  • Notify_FritzBox_Incoming call
  • Notify_FritzBox_Warning guest wifi on for a long time
  • Notify_Pi-Hole_Disabled for a long time
  • Notify_Security_Garden gate opened
  • Notify_System_Database issue
  • Notify_System_HA Login from new IP
  • Notify_System_HA load warning
  • Notify_System_HA new HA alert
  • Notify_System_Problematic entities warning
  • Notify_System_Temperature warning
  • Power-Control_EG dining room charging station
  • Power-Control_OG office desk
  • Presence_Coming Home
  • Presence_Leaving Home
  • Switch-Control_EG kitchen D1
  • Switch-Control_OG bathroom Opple
  • System_Cleanup tasks + fixes @ HA start
  • System_Data_Purge Recorder DB
  • System_Data_Repack Recorder DB
  • System_Data_Update entities
  • System_Fan-Control
  • (you get the idea)

Existing sort and search is everything I need. And (full disclosure :smiley:) I place all automations manually in lovelace dashboards (once organized by domains, once by areas, plus administration/custom system backend section), so I rarely need to turn to the automations section in the backend at all (next to creating new automations).


I really like how the new SmartThings app allows you to filter by room. Having all devices in a room and the automations that devices in that room are included in would be a really interesting + handy view.

I am another among many that would like this feature. Automation organization is truly a what the heck. Same with helper entity organization.

Search works fine if good naming convention is in use and I’m sure it would be quite easy if one gets used with it.

Still it would be great to have better visual overview (even within search filter) and I also hope that some sort of labels/tags (colorful) will be implemented soon :slight_smile:

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Why are all automations, entities, devices etc in one big list that you cannot filter my anything besides text search. Should be possible to filter on the colums of info.

You mean something like Excel column filters? Search works over all columns but you are right that you need to type these letters in.

Yes exactly like excel would be nice.

I would love folders, but also from the automations list to be able to search for a specific device or entity (e.g. entity:sensor.bedroom_temperature) would be a timesaver. I know I can go to the entity and see automations related to it—but if I’m already in the automations it would be good to save several clicks.

Agreed, Ctrl+F is definitely useful and I have been using “tag words” in my naming convention keeping in mind I can use Ctrl+F to find them in the future.

@frenck is adding support for label (Add label support by frenck · Pull Request #69996 · home-assistant/core · GitHub), so if I’m correct we will be able to add tags to automations and will be able to filter by labels (if the frontend will add support for this)


That sounds good to me. I’d hugely appreciate filtering by labels or a customisable folder approach. What I wouldn’t want is some sort of auto separating by domain/area or something like that as we all have our own preferences and intricacies with how we like to set things up.

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