Why are my Lidl-Hue lights changing brightness when only setting color?

Hi everybody.
I am using Lidl lightbulbs on a Hue bridge connected to Home Assistant. For my automations i use Node-Red. I would like to create some circadian lighting in the office.

When i change the color temperature of the light the light changes color, but when setting the color the brightness shortly changes. As if it is showing off that something is changed.
This behaviour is the same when changing something via node red and the frond end but not when using the Hue app to change settings.

I have made a short video that shows what happens: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mq6LraNNsU4

I’m running Home Assistant on an Raspberry Pi 4 with SD card.
Version number: core-2021.2.3
Operating System: 5.11

Hue bridge runs the latest software available and Lidl lamps are unknown as i do not have the Lidl bridge and cannot see the software version of the lamps.

Does anybody else use Lidl lamps and see the same behaviour?

I would be gratefull for any help.
Kind regards,

I asked the same question on reddit and they pointed me to: https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/45329

There is a topic allready: Strip Lights flash once when turning on or changing brightness / Colour settings