Why are people asking the same questions over and over again? (Or the Regulars' Chatroom) 🤷

I tried installing that ‘addon’ from HACS.

It didn’t work… I got some kind of weird error…

When I put the ‘code’ in my card?

Your stuff sucks - it doesn’t work for me now. And I don’t have any more time to read your docs that explain exactly where to drop the YAML to activate your integration… :sunglasses::joy:


And it was fine until the last update. :confounded:


In that vein:

“I haven’t updated in 7 months…I just did yesterday and XX things broke. Why does HA suck?”

Shouldn’t it be: “I haven’t updated in 7 months…I just did yesterday and XX things broke and I don’t have a backup. Do I really have to start all over now?”

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It’s actually visible for you and others in your profile


Luckily Tom has addressed this. :slight_smile:

I was more referring to this:

But that wouldn’t get me much further, as i don’t know what the trust levels actually mean :thinking:

yeah… i think we have a number of posts that do a good job explaining the errors. good or bad, i think users need their nose led to them more directly… so it’d be nice to have a link in the error message that takes them straight to tom’s post for this error… and to the other specific error posts for other errors…

we have a lot of great posts from so many contributors that could be more leveraged

I think it would be nice if the errors could be structured as YAML too. It should already help users a ton. Even I sometimes have to look very carefully —- and I have a programming background.

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EDIT: I see you using them likes more!


hehe thanks…

but it seems there is more to it:

  • These likes must be across a minimum number of different users (1/5 the number), across a minimum number of different days (1/4 the number). Likes cannot be from PMs

You have 50 likes a day, so like away… they are basically free. And as a regular you have like 500 likes a day or something like that


All that said, if you have questions about the new powers like should I or can I, let’s use this topic to discuss as long as most of us are here already.
At least until we can get a category that is limited to regular up.



I will change the title of a post

  • To correct a spelling mistake
  • Sometimes if I feel it’s misleading - ie where the post is about something else entirely
  • Sometimes if it’s clear that English is not the poster’s first language
  • Very occasionally, where it makes no sense whatsoever. I’m a bit wary of this - often it just means I don’t understand the topic.

I do not usually change titles like “Help needed!” - they’re on their own. :roll_eyes:

I have (once) changed the category of a post. The poster got very cross but I was able to persuade him that his rather good how-to was better off in Community Guides. I quite often add extra tags - that seems harmless.

After all, there are only 47 of us. We’re the wise old men of the forum. “Ah, we have heard the chimes at midnight Master Shallow. That we have.”


There’s a “lounge category” mentioned in the “Discourse trust levels” document (link above) for L3 only. Apparently we were invited in the PM telling us we’d been promoted. Do we have one of those?

No I don’t think that has been enabled.

I did ask @MissyQ about this, but she is still in the putting out fires, etc. mode in the new position and was not comfortable changing this platform yet until she gathers more info.
I’ll let them address that themself.

I change categories quite often on ones I see are obviously in the wrong place. I don’t tell them. If they become upset I will often move it back and/or explain what happened. They might be able to tell who moved it if they look in edits or something, don’t know, but that has been working well.

Usually this is something put into the blueprint exchange that is not a blueprint, or a blueprint put into configuration - blueprint thinking it is the exchange, or a question that is unrelated to a blueprint dropped into either category. Occasionally something that is not an [FR] put into [FR], but it needs to be a clear problem that I am prepared to argue for. I have also pulled a clear feature request into [FR] after discussing with the OP but thy were unsure how.

This helpful for a cookbook tag?
Template Collection (CookBook).

Thinking maybe add a few more, pull the reply one up to the top, have the Mods clean-up the lower chatter a bit…

Yey…back in business again (for how long?)

I kind of like the idea :+1:t4:

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