Why are people asking the same questions over and over again? (Or the Regulars' Chatroom) 🤷

I’m half tempted to propose an ‘Anti-Social’ tag, but it might be a bit lonely there.


How about this one for the cookbook? Advanced section?

I’d think that’s out of scope given it’s not specific to HA, but I’ll defer to the masses.


Tried to read that post a few times. By the second paragraph my eyes would glaze over & I’d just scroll down to the bottom or close the tab.

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(Or the Regulars’ Chatroom)

Ugh… ya’ll are going to get me back on Discord again with crap like that. lmao

Since this thread has moved to social I’ve started a new Cookbook Discussion thread. :grin:


I tweaked the title yesterday before reading this as a lark, fyi…

What about a Blueprints section in the Cookbook and posts regarding the HA commands and such, not any specific authors blueprint problem.

The one I just put in automation should go there and I have something else I just found, could turn that one into a community guide and index it.

Using action inputs in automations.

I think Blueprints should be included, but need vetted in some way first. Maybe a submission channel as a buffer, then publication?

I don’t (and not just because I don’t use them).

It’s an educational reference.

People learn nothing from using blueprints.


So a :rabbit: hole :laughing:

I always break down the blueprint, but that’s probably not the norm. I can see your argument.

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People using them learn nothing, but they are targeted at that audience to use not learn from. Those wiki’s are not written for them, rather for people writing BPs.

Someone using a BP could care less about a selector, for instance, but someone writing one does.

And not using them is like saying you won’t use class libraries because you didn’t write it so you didn’t learn anything by just using them.

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I don’t use them because I don’t need to. I can easily and quickly write what I need myself tailored for my needs.

Nothing like class libraries.

That’s not the point.

If you want to include how to write blueprints that’s fine.

But do not include a useful list of blueprints, that has no place in this (IMO).


The ancillary addons/blueprints/custom cards, etc…will still need to addressed in some respect.

No matter how solid the Cookbook is, folks we still push the limits on HA manipulation(a good thing) In fact it may generate additional customization questions as folks get educated. The majority of people attracted to HA are inquisitive and that will 100% generate requests for assistance beyond the Cookbook.

Whether we agree or disagree on what’s included, a clear line will need to be drawn in the sand.

I think it would be good to be explicit about what is excluded.

Yes, that was my long winded point! :laughing:

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That’s what you are saying. I agree. 100%

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I wrote that up a few hours ago and posted that I did in the other ‘official’ thread.

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Have to admit that occasionally i use blueprints as yaml generator (although it has been a while).

Let it run once, look up the trace, copy the automation configuration and paste it into my automation to adapt for my own use.

after that i delete the blueprint as it has no value to me anymore


Same here…but we are probably not the norm. Focus on the majority and finalize with the minority.

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