Why are people asking the same questions over and over again? (Or the Regulars' Chatroom) 🤷

Throw a man from a plane and he’ll fly the rest of his life.

I couldn’t resist.


My firewood for next year is the rest of some emerald ash borer victims filling up my yard and a storm downed honey locust in the neighbors yard, both killing the grass. To wet to get there with the tractor, though.

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I made some formatting changes to the cookbook post and added a few links.


I Took the liberty to add some to your “Search-Wiki”
PS: Feel free to edit to your liking

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Im Not !, it was My opinion, but apparently you missed the last an most important part, which is a foundation for this Forum to stay as a Popular Interface( Solution Database/Forum ) for Search, Find and Help, And not cluttered down because everyone act and think like You, as your self mention.

Which in the end is just another repetition !
Doe to this

Trust me, most people have gone through the same phase , some chooses to read more, search more, test / try more, however a few (very few) decides to pump in tons of new Topics, thinking they are entitled to just because they find It’s easier, and “my case is special”

And you already think there is way to many Topics/Post in here ?

I’ve always gone with the mentality that “I can’t possibly be the only idiot who got stumped on this”. Sure enough, I’d almost always find a post or some random google result to nudge me forward just enough to invariably stumble on the next step. Rinse and repeat and eventually you’ll get there.

It’s a bit like playing Elden Ring (or anything by FromSoft) - you might fail a hundred times, but you only need to get it right just once to progress.


TIL – found anther cool editing trick.
Start of line in here, type > then > a couple more times followed by a 3 -. No spaces.

Nice different dividing line.


> in markdown is like quoting someone

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Stacking them made a cool effect, never seen before it slipped out.

Worth a read

“illustrates how talented people continuously design bad software-based products and why we need technology to work the way average people think.”


Another guide for the cookbook list?

You know, we won’t explode it you add these yourself…


New posts in this series (or improvements to existing ones - each post is a wiki) are welcome.

  • Make a post in Community Guides and tag it with cookbook.
  • Include a link to the index
  • Add a link from the index

I did this one you suggested today, and another one I was meaning to do.
Both are ‘Petro Pearls of Wisdom’ based. (PPW)

At What Rates Do Templates Render & Update.
Target Selector & Entity Selector Errors.


Excellent! This forum post has delivered a lot of value. I went through my bookmarks last night to see if there’s more to add, but from that list I think the coverage is now pretty good.

I just came across another one: renaming entities to keep history. This post, however, has some new information.

That’s not as useful as replacing a device though. Which is the most commonly asked for information. There does not seem to be a viable procedure for that (yet).


Tried my new log splitter today. Should get it esphomed. It could answer many questions: How many splits today? How much electricity do you use to chop that firewood? Why is my back sore?


Set a man on fire and he’ll be warm for the rest of his life!


How can we make more people aware of the new cookbook, both newcomers and regular visitors? I saw Tom pinned it, but beyond that.

Another question I see regularly is: “I’m just getting started. What are my IoT device options?”

This is such a broad and personal preference question that it’s very hard to answer. I normally stick to some guidelines: Where are you? Start small. Solve a specific problem. Be willing to experiment. Avoid cloud and polling. Etc.

EDIT: I suppose the “20 things” in the cookbook partly covers it.


Cookbook begets cookbook.

Someone needs to capture that procedure to move LTS data in the last post ASAP