Why are people asking the same questions over and over again? (Or the Regulars' Chatroom) 🤷

I’ve asked @AngellusMortis to do a write up.


In the same spirt of a Home Assistant Cookbook - Index, what thoughts do folks have on a Home Assistant Troubleshooting - Index ?


Go for it! :smile:

That’s gonna be a LOT of index entries :wink: lol

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I’ll give it a start but I was initially thinking just the basics & that we see often. I hope to have a draft soon.

After consultation with contributors, I’ve removed the Mushroom Cards entry from the cookbook index. Third-party integrations and cards are a very deep rabbit hole… :laughing:


Considering the way this thread has turned, how about someone moves it to the Social tag instead of Configuration?

I’d love there to be something similar to the mods thread somewhere above, maybe restricted to Regulars and Experts, but I’m not sure if that’s actually possible with Discord.

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And perhaps change the subject line.


I’m half tempted to propose an ‘Anti-Social’ tag, but it might be a bit lonely there.


How about this one for the cookbook? Advanced section?

I’d think that’s out of scope given it’s not specific to HA, but I’ll defer to the masses.


Tried to read that post a few times. By the second paragraph my eyes would glaze over & I’d just scroll down to the bottom or close the tab.

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(Or the Regulars’ Chatroom)

Ugh… ya’ll are going to get me back on Discord again with crap like that. lmao

Since this thread has moved to social I’ve started a new Cookbook Discussion thread. :grin:


I tweaked the title yesterday before reading this as a lark, fyi…

What about a Blueprints section in the Cookbook and posts regarding the HA commands and such, not any specific authors blueprint problem.

The one I just put in automation should go there and I have something else I just found, could turn that one into a community guide and index it.

Using action inputs in automations.

I think Blueprints should be included, but need vetted in some way first. Maybe a submission channel as a buffer, then publication?

I don’t (and not just because I don’t use them).

It’s an educational reference.

People learn nothing from using blueprints.


So a :rabbit: hole :laughing:

I always break down the blueprint, but that’s probably not the norm. I can see your argument.

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People using them learn nothing, but they are targeted at that audience to use not learn from. Those wiki’s are not written for them, rather for people writing BPs.

Someone using a BP could care less about a selector, for instance, but someone writing one does.

And not using them is like saying you won’t use class libraries because you didn’t write it so you didn’t learn anything by just using them.

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