Why Can't I Rename Individual Devices in the Energy Dashboard?

I have a few smart plugs that provide kWh consumption for any device plugged into them (Tasmota MQTT).
I have them named appropriately as ‘smart_plug_1’, ‘smart_plug_2’ etc. in my configuration.yaml.
I can rename them to say ‘TV’ or ‘PC’ in a Lovelace card, for easy identification of whatever device is currently plugged in. But I can’t do this in the Energy Dashboard.

Please add this feature so I can track them using more the more relevant names, without having to then alter the yaml every time I decide to plug a different device in.


As a user, I would like to edit the names shown for Monitor Individual Devices so that they display properly on a narrow screen or mobile device.


Hi there,
I also want to know how to rename the energy sensors in the Energy panel
Is there possibility ?
Thanks in advance


Any update in the year?

This is now resolved. Not sure when the change was made, but you can now click on the bars of an individual device, then click on the settings cog in its pop-up window and then simply change the name to suit. Hope this helps.

That does change settings for the entity, not just for the dashboard.

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