WTH can’t I change name on Energy dashboard, Monitor individual devices

I love the Energy dashboard, but the “Monitor individual devices” part does not allow you to rename the Device name. I now see:

: Electric Consumption [kWh] =========
: Electric Consumption [kWh] =======
: Electric Consumption [kWh] ================

It would be nice if the dashboard config would let me change those names.

actually, we should be able to add friendly names to everything in the dashboard, my main grid feed is called “shellyem-98CDAC1E472A channel 1” I would really like to be able to just call it Grid…

+1 ability to rename these individual devices on Energy dashboard

Just goto the entity and change the name… it will change it on the energy dashboard.


Well, who knew!


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Renaming the entity isn’t a great solution: it’s already got a good/decent name which reflects what kind of data it is (Power, Energy, Today, etc):

But showing “today energy” or “Today’s consumption” is not only unnecessarily verbose (especially when card is shown in a narrow view), but it’s also actually wrong when you change the date selector to something other than “today” (ie: week/month, or yesterday, or day before)

So, I agree with OP/above “actually, we should be able to add friendly names to everything in the dashboard”

I have tried this again and it is still the same, I have creted individual devices in yaml without the energy at the end, but it is confussing sometimes what is what.

Maybe the change is one can create devices in “helper” now, but still no option to rename or remove " energy" at the end of each device name in that chart.

This are the threads about same thing I quickly found - so quite a few people are looking for a solution

Custom names for individual energy devices merged for 2024.5 (#20033)