Why is one device blinking/pulsing/flashing on the Z2M network map?

It seems like the Z2M network map feature is poorly documented and trying to search for “flashing” in relation to anything Zigbee just comes up with articles and threads about flashing firmwares. So I made a gif to show what’s going on:


Just that one device is constantly pulsing away. It’s probably the furthest thing from the coordinator and it didn’t turn on when I asked it to this morning, so maybe it’s a signal strength thing and I need to add an extra router in? But I’ve toggled it on and off a few times since then and it’s responded just fine so I’m at a loss.

Any ideas, anyone?

Edit: Never mind, I figured it out. It’s a smart plug and it’s pulsing every time it sends out power usage stats; in this case it seems to be sending them every 2 seconds. I turned it off and the pulsing stopped.