Why isn't there a back navigation for dashboards?

Why? Mobile apps don’t have back buttons.

If you don’t know what a dashboard is…

And this is the current tap actions…

How should it be done?

Like this:

  action: navigate-back

Hi @petro
I think it’s the fourth request I’ve seen for this. Yes, with subviews implemented it would be great to have that option as well. I try to save on my phone screen real estate, so I activate kioskmode for that panel.
For now I’ve made a ‘navigate’ button, but that just goes to a specific page. If you have multiple paths to that page, a back button would be great.

I just searched, I haven’t found any other WTH’s that as for a tap action navigation to move backwards… can you please link the WTH you’re referring to?

I think there are deleted, I read through a lot this morning, and I found several requests for putting a back button available in lovelace, in regards to the subviews.
I can see you found one other, and closed that for this.

I also forwarded my own feature request (Back button in the lovelace UI for Subviews - #2 by fribse) to this one.

Yes, first come first serve. If you can find the WTH that was made previously to mine, i’ll close this in favor of that.

My related WTH for Show more related navigation (esp. on mobile) - WTH doesn't Show More (History and Log book) have a back button (mobile companion app)

Another somewhat related: WTH No back button on the Energy Dashboard - #3 by fribse

This WTH is about adding a back button to your custom dashboards, like overview and each subsequent dashboard that you create. This would be available on any card where a Tap Action can be used. The WTH has no relation to back buttons on curated dashboards included with HA.

Where does say that in your description?

Dashboards is the name of the UI’s that are created by users in home assistant.

The title is: Why isn’t there a back navigation for dashboards?

This would be nice to have.
I wouldn’t have to create anymore workaround buttons.

Is there any updates on this matter?

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I use mushroom buttons to my favorite tabs: