WTH doesn't Show More (History and Log book) have a back button (mobile companion app)

When a user clicks on Show More to go to the History or Log Book view for that entity, it becomes the new page. On the mobile companion app (at least on iOS), there is no way to get back to the previous page as you no browser back button.

Are the show more links for history/log book something that could be reimplemented using the new Sub Views functionality?

If not, ideally the history/log book pages would have a back button that is visible on mobile devices.

Was going to post this myself if it didn’t already exist - A very odd UI choice to not have the ability to go back to the previous page when on mobile

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You can actually go back by swiping two fingers to the right. At least on the iOS/iPadOS apps. A back button would make it easier though.

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It would make it more apparent… :slight_smile:

Thanks I never tried that gesture. I expected it to be the same gesture that works in Safari (and similar HTML pages) one finger swipe from the left edge of the screen to the right. But that unhides the left menu.

Thank you, I never tried two fingers and it was driving me nuts every day.