Wifi access to Espurna. (OpenMQTTgateway) on Sonoff RF-bridge

Well I have succeeded in flashing OpenMQTTGateway to my Sonoff RF-bridge and I can connect to the wifi network from my phone but what is the password for that network?

I have tried using fibonacci but it doesn’t work.

Well I found it (or righter figured it out).

What was the solution?

It was using the right password


The solution is unrelated to this topic’s title:
Wifi access to OpenMQTTgateway on Sonoff RF-bridge

The “WiFI access” you were seeking is not for OpenMQTTgateway nor Sonoff RF Bridge. It’s for accessing Espurna’s Software Access Point (SAP) on first boot:

Espurna - Configuration - First boot

I suggest modifying the topic’s title, or the contents of the first post, to help guide other members who may be seeking Wi-Fi access to a device flashed with Espurna.

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