Wifi dongle

Hi all,
I’m trying to add an external wifi dongle to my system but something is not working as I was expecting.
First of all, the goal is to connect (with wifi) my system to a huawei solar inverter where it provide an access point used for modbus purpose.
In order to do that I bought a tl-wn722n where it should be recognized without problem out of the box (if I understand correctly).
My system is running on a proxmox installation and I make full passthrough in order to give the full control on home assistant.
I can see the device from consolle and from interface

But I can’t use it since also for nmcli do not exist any wlan.

Any idea how to solve this?


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Hello, I am in EXACTLY your situation- same wifi dongle, and in order to do exactly the same thing in connect to Huawei solar as it keeps dropping lol what are the chances… any luck?

Im stuck in same situation.
Proxmox , usb adapter TL-wn722n and huawei inverter.
Could you share if you solve it?


@conma293 @fede956 Sorry for late reply but I have not received any notification about answer here…

I had no luck with wn722 so I change to another solution:

I bought a WR802 and used it like a “ethernet client” connecterd to Huawei inverter via wifi.
All the informations could be found in the huawei topic

my solution.
in proxmox I pass-through the PCIe wifi to HA in a virtual machine.

in home-assistant appears the wifi interface in System->network!