WIFI E27 bulb holder

Has anyone tried integrating any of those with HA without using Tuya cloud ?




I updated the links

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I can’t express enough how much i hate Tuya…because their’s massively overcomplicated system to make it run locally…
Anything BUT tuya…

Do you have suggestions for an alternative?

Hm… i don’t use these things, as i don’t have classic bulbs anymore, so…
If this adapter has esp8266 (or 32) inside it’s possible to flash it with esphome, but you won’t know until you buy one and dissasemble it.
Other options are led bulb with integrated controller, or a small module like shelly plus 1 mini or similar…

The problem with smart bulbs is that when they die you have to buy a new bulb and reintegrate it again and they are also more expensive

I agree, smart socket makes more sense than globe. I have just ordered some and will try to integrate into HA

I found this but not sure it is the same

Thta’s why i suggested shelly plus 1 mini (or similar). You do have a switch for this light, don’t you? This module is really darn small and you can put it behind any switch. I use only these or similar modules. Having that adapter on a wall (or ceiling) is kinda ugly… and you can connećt shelly locally. Sonoff does have such modules, but they are way bigger. You can also connect sonoff locally, though.
You can go and play with tuya, but, as i said: it’s pretty (over)complicated…
I do have one bt magnet via tuya cloud, and it works, although i’m also not a fan of cloud based integrations, since then you’re dependant on that cloud.

I received a few of these the other day and have added to HA. Only a couple of screws and opening reveals a CB2S module which is a BK7231N. Adding it to Tuya and the version is V1.1.15. I did try but this version cannot be localised OTA. Easy enough to solder 4 wires to GND, 3V3, TX, & RX and then use BK7231Flasher to install Openbeken. It’s then visible to HA so you can upload your yaml.

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