Wifi or Zigbee filament/vintage style LED smart bulbs

Hey all,

In general my philips hue bulbs work great, but they are not particularly interesting to look at when used in a with glass or wire shade that is designed to show off the many vintage style (non smart) bulbs available.

Has anyone got any suggestions for a SMART version of the “exposed filament” vintage style LED bulbs?

I am aware of the Osram/Sylvania homekit devices e.g. this, which look nice (just what I am looking for) but these are bluetooth only and not compatible via HA HK integration (as far as I am aware).

For wifi ideally hackable (tasmota etc) so I can run w/o external cloud connectivity.
For zigbee looking for either ZLL to hue hub or (future) zigbee2mqtt compatibility.

I’m looking for a EU 240v device (for UK) so global 110-240v or 240 specific are fine. 110v only are not.

I have searched at lot and I don’t think anything is currently available, but interested to get ideas.
I am happy buying from china market places.


I have found that these bulbs look best when dimmed - and that’s the big problem. I have proper old fashioned edison bulbs in the ceiling lights in my lounge and a philips filament led in a lamp in the same room

My best solution was oldskool RF - so not exactly smart. I have a cheap rf dimming light switch to control the ceiling lights and a lightwave in line dimmer wired into the cord of my lamp both controlled via my broadlink rm pro.

Using an inline wifi/zigbee dimmer definitely another option, and I have investigated it - in another area in my home I have a bunch of LED luminaires that I dont want to pull out and replace with smart bulbs so no choice there.

I saw this one on slickdeals that is wifi controlled and works with Alexa/Google home:


Can you do some research for me to see if there is a component? It may work already just under a different name. I’m curious as well but don’t have too much time to tinker or make a component before buying.


There are some similar ones on amazon.com but I’m worried they might be 110v only since I don’t see them outside USA

Looks like it’s just Tuya, like most of the cheaper smart bulbs on Amazon.

Oddly enough, I was just looking for this exact thing this morning.

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Hi @flamingm0e -do you have a link for Tuya filament bulbs?
I can only find ones that look like this:

As opposed to this:

From the Sealight bulb you have pictured and is linked here.

Sadly these bulbs are 110V only.
The vendor confirms it in Amazon questions.

thanks for finding that. I had a feeling it would work with an existing component.

Here’s a link to the component for others who find this post:

I’m on the fence if I should just put a dimmer switch on my room to control the existing Edison bulbs, like this:

or just buy these bulbs lol

Also see this thread :slight_smile:

For anyone interested there is a new suite of zigbee filament LED bulbs that look very nice:


They support colour temperature and are about equivient to 60w incandescent.
Not cheap @ around 28 euros and seem only to be available in NL (in coming weeks).

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Saw these ones a few weeks ago at local nl action store:

Hopefully and waiting for them to be hacked with tasmota firmware. I read on the package they are actually from Tuya.

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I guess you’d need to use tuya-convert since disassembling these guys looks impossible I would say…

Also those are some very cheap prices. If they can be hacked they look awesome!
Not super bright, but would be nice for table lamps or clusters of lamps.

Hello guys, I was in the “Action Market” in Germany today and discovered this by chance …

Could integrate both devices in the “Tuya App”. The PIR sensor is integrated over “other” and the door sensor as “door sensor”. The release time is already longer than with the “Xiaomi sensors” !! The sensors from LSC are also significantly larger than those from “Xiaomi”. Both sensors can not be directly integrated in “Home Assistant”, see …


The bulbs are probably supported directly (I also have bulbs of a third manufacturer in the “Tuya-App” and these are displayed to me directly in HA and you can also control them.)

Perhaps the integration of the sensors is still added in HA? As an alternative to the Xiaomi sensors they can only be recommended “conditionally”. An LSC sensor costs 8 Euros here, that’s okay, but I still prefer the Xiaomi sensors…

Oh yes, the bulbs look really good, I’ll probably buy some …

Also this is interesting:

Shame Action is not in UK, too…

I think the remote can not be integrated into HA. At this point I would recommend a “Deconz Gateway” and an “IKEA Tradfri Remote”. This works for me, is easy to set up, and thanks to HA very versatile use …

Agree - I have zigbee2mqtt with a variety of controls (actually too many :wink: )
But all this stuff from Action is really cheap.
I am somewhat dubious of wifi contollers and door/presence sensors - those are going to chew through batteries.

Happened to see yesterday that Phillips Hue, Ikea Tradfri and Innr are now all making these types of bulb now! Have ordered a couple of phillips ones for my lounge to see what they are like as my current non LED bulbs are just not bright enough. Hoping philips will give more flexibility

Yes - in the past few months the market has exploded