Wifi Wall Switch WITHOUT TOUCH (1,2 or 3 Gang)

Hello everybody,

i did already a lot’s of research how to integrate a wifi controlled wall switch. First things I found were the Sonoff Touch and many clones. But as I prefer a ‘real’ manual switch feeling and no touch thing I looked further.

The only one I found was this one here:


There is also a two- and three-gang version available.

I didn’t found any insights. Does anybody tried to get espurna or tasmota running on this? How does the insight look? I quite sure it’s a esp so… anybody? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


too bad there’s not an European version of it. Otherwise I would have ordered one to try…
Maybe you can ask the seller for a picture of the inside?

Erm :roll_eyes: I would also need the European version…

Some more Specifications from the description which are truly wrong (copy&paste gone wrong!)

Product Type: 2.4G WiFi Smart Switch(UK Plug)
Material: ABS V0 + Toughened Glass Panel
WiFi Standards: IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.4G WiFi
Control: WiFi remote control, local touch control
Button: 1 * Touch Button
Gang: 1 Gang
Max. Current: 5A/Gang
Resistance Load:500W/Gang
Self Consuming Power: <0.01W
Working Voltage: AC85-250V, 50/60HZ.
OS Supported: Android 2.3 or above, iOS 6.0 or above

What’s the difference with the UK switches?

I mean a round version (back), not square

yea… you are right

I wrote the seller to ask for a EU version and pictures from inside…

Are there any (other) wall mounted switches out there which are without sensor or touch and have a EU version?

not that I know of. Have been looking for a while though

Found another (but also only UK :neutral_face:) where you can see a little from the inside… there is a esp and pins!

Link: https://de.aliexpress.com/item/Smart-WiFi-Light-Switch-Wireless-Control-Remote-Control-Space-Free-For-Ios-Android-Phone-works-Wall/32824317584.html

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Found another one. This time a US version… still no EU :confused:


And here comes the anwser:

Hello,dear friend.We just call the supplier,he says the EU version process is particularly difficult.It maybe can not produce.


Has anyone here ordered one of these?

I am (luckily :slight_smile: ) in the UK and would be very keen on using this type of switch if it could be flashed to be MQTT-aware using Tasmota etc

I tried this one and can be flashed by using sonota method



Then you can just flash to espurna or other firmware.
Also has esp8285 chip (psf-b85)
Just the built is a bit too plastic and there’s no indication for on/off via led lights.

I installed one (2 gang version) to control 2 LED lights.
My only issue so far is that sometimes one of the lights would be turned off randomly. This happened back when it was still on ewelink firmware and after flashing espurna. Any ideas how to fix this?


The switch from the top post turned up.

Just in case anyone cares - it flashed via sonata quite easily. It has quite a cheap feel, and the thing that looks like an led at the bottom isn’t. (Though there is a red led behind the white part of the switch.)

Seems to be a bit of a bargain - I’ll be ordering a few more if it stands up to use over the next week or two.


Is someone still searching for EU wall switches without touch? Maybe someone found something :face_with_monocle:

hi any one with any results i can use the design in india but i would like some help how can they be flashed to use with HA


Hi all, I’m bringing this topic back to life, as I too am looking for an alternative to touch switches. I have a couple of Sonoff touch switches, but I’d prefer something that isn’t touch based. I live in EU so that’s also an issue. Anyone?


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Found this for EU, i bought and it does not fit UK.
Just sharing.
Please not tuya convert dont work. I did not test it.

One word - Zemismart

Do you mean the light switch or GU10s?

I meant the light switch, but I cannot find the eu physical switches now. Only eu touch switches and us/nz/au physical switches. Bugger.

Ah right I am from the UK but I am not too sure if these switches are safe as I have heard a lot of bad information about them I.e. Chinese make etc