Will Bluetooth devices work with HA on a VirtualBox VM under Windows?

I’m using passthrough to run VirtualBox on my Intel NUC with Windows 10 as the host and Ubuntu as the guest, which lets me use zwave devices.

Is it possible to use Bluetooth devices with the same Windows host and Ubuntu guest?

I’m interested as well. I run Hassio in a VM with VirtualBox in Win 10, and I would like to use the NUC’s bluetooth for presence detection.

If you are using Windows and Virtualbox you will have to use a Bluetooth dongle. You cannot pass through the NUC’s bluetooth.

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I just re-installed my Home Assistant setup and went fron Hyper-V to VirtualBox using the setup with the image from their site. The reason why I did this was to be able to get my Conbee II and Bluetooth working on the machine. Now I’ve got the Conbee II working as planned, but the Bluetooth is not working at all. I have tried using the onboard Bluetooth from Asus Qualcomm and a USB dongle. None seems to bee working.

Am I doing something wrong? Hopefully I am, and you could laugh at my mistakes and point me in the right direction. :smile:

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