Window/Door controlled heater - saves now previous temp - also groups of windows sensors can be added

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Just a small blueprint to switch heater on or off bepending on window or door sensor:


I updatet the blueprint. The previous et temperature is now saved and will be set after window is closed again.

that’s very useful and thx for sharing. Also would it be possible to add conditions based on presence detection that can turn on and off the heater.

Very nice and useful blueprint, I was looking for this kind of function for a long time.
I’ve extended the blueprint with a configurable timer.
With this timer, the heater is not turned off and on many times if you open/close the door/window more often in a short time.
This saves the battery of your heater thermostat.

The extension is inspired by this blueprint example.

Hi, thanks for the reply. Unfortenately I have no usecase for that ans also not the right setup for testing.

I extended your blueprint with a second timer.
As I am using sensors on my windows and door to the balcony, I wanted the heating to wait X seconds before turning off (for walking through the door and closing after a few seconds). This saves closing cycles of the valve in the first place. Otherwise on every opening event the valve would move instantly.


It’s wonderfull solution but there is not heater previous state control. If heater was powered off and you close window, always will power on…


Yes i just came here to point out that. if the heater was already turned off, then once we close the window, it will turn it on

I like it!

Is there a way to add more heater? I have 2 heat pump to control with a sensor group.

i realy like it.
the only thing that bothers me is that when the window is closed, the hvac turns on the heat.
is there a way to set the hvac to auto mode when a window is closed?