Windows PC control?

There are a few automation programs out there that can launch apps and what not, is there anyway to communicate with those or something else in order to essentially create a “Steam switch” or something to that affect? I remember seeing something mqtt related similar to this but I can’t find it anymore…

EDIT: Nvm found what I was looking for (kind of) Integrating Win10 In HA with MQTT Now I just need to figure out how to launch programs with it…

Take a look at EventGhost which is an FOSS Windows platform automation tool supporting MQTT or REST commands. There are a handful of other threads here discussing integration w/ Hass.

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Perfect! Thanks. I had heard of EventGhost a while back and had forgotten the name.

If you are still interested, look at my project: GitHub - richibrics/IoTuring: Simple and powerful cross-platform script to control your pc and share statistics using communication protocols like MQTT and home control hubs like HomeAssistant.
You can use it to control MacOS, Windows (7,8,8.1,10,11) and Linux.
(Ps if you like my work, leave a Star on github thanks :wink: )