Wink 2 issues?

Lately, all of my devices connected through Wink (Z-wave, Quirkly outlets, etc) have all been acting wonky. They will turn on/off randomly. The activity does show up on the history tab, but I’m not doing anything to turn them on/off. Also, in HA they seem to be non-responsive and not reporting status accurately.

Any suggestions? If not, what is another option to finally be rid of this hub? I have kept it around specifically for the Lutron Caseta functionality and Z-wave, but this is unacceptable.

There is an ongoing outage

Last night Wink experienced some connectivity issues that may have prevented users from having complete remote control of their devices. Our engineers have identified the problem and pushed out a fix.

We are still experiencing some issues with iOS users in regards to device states reporting incorrectly. While a fix is implemented, users on iOS are advised to force-quit and reopen the app before attempting to control their devices. This will accurately update the device states, at which point devices will be controllable.

If you’d like, you can subscribe to updates using the link below so that you’ll be notified via email or text message.

Once these issues are resolved everything should be back up and running. But if you are still experiencing issues please don’t hesitate to reach out.


This is supposedly fixed now, but I’m finding my devices are not getting status reporting back if I change something in HA. The light will actually turn on if I use HA to turn it on, but the light won’t show on in HA. Anyone else seeing this?

I excluded and re-included one of my z-wave devices and it now seems to be okay. But it is unrealistic to be expected to do that for all of them. Very unprofessional. I expect a real fix for this soon or I will be done with Wink. I’m still having lights turn on randomly.

My devices are not getting status reporting either. Still waiting for a fix.

Same problem here. After a restart of HA status of all wink connected devices shows correctly, but any changes in state do not update in HA

Wink made a back end change that requires HA to update. Details can be found here

I’ve updated Hassio and still not getting my Wink status to update. It appears on the devices I’ve removed/added in Wink work, but that is not really an acceptable solution. Any suggestions?

Also, should I now remove the Wink custom component?

Yeah remove the custom component and try again.

I removed the Wink component and now all of my Wink devices are completely missing. What did I do wrong?

You didn’t remove the wink section from your configuration file did you? you may need to reboot twice after deleting the custom component in order for home assistant to download the newest libraries

I added “wink:” to configuration.yaml and restarted and it appears to be working now.