Wink Hub 2 Help

I have successfully applied for a developer accout with Wink and have the Client ID & Client Secret

I added Wink: to my configuration.yaml and restated my HA server on my Raspbery PI 3

I was then presented with the Wink configurator where I copied my Client ID & Client Secret. Something didn’t take because I still see the “Configure Wink” from my overview screen and when I click on it I get a box popup with the following:

Please authorize Wink by visiting

If I click on the link nothing happens. I realized when I initially ran the config tool my Wink Hub was on a different network (I have 2 and forgot to switch it) Now it is connected to the same router as my HA via a LAN

Any help would be greatly appreciated

The Wink hub being on the same/different network has nothing to do with it.

So the config is a two step process you should see what you are seeing. So the question is I assume the IP in that link is the correct IP for you HA instance? By nothing happens what do you see when you click it? Empty page?

OK I figured it out,

I had to paste the activation link into a browser window rather than just click on it and I was taken to a page to login to my Wink account. There is also a hidden .wink.conf

You have to 1st stop the HA server and then edit this file removing the spaces. Once HA was restarted I saw all my Wink devices :):grinning:

Where did you find spaces? I thought I fixed the spaces in the client id and secret


I found spaces before the Client ID & Client Secret. I actually found that in another post.

I just checked my .wink.conf again and the spaces are back. Maybe that wasn’t part of the issue. Sorry if I am confused, I am new to HA

No problem, no need to be sorry.

So everything is working? I will have to check that I remove spaces at the beginning not just the end.

I just deleted the .wink.conf and ran the setup again.

All worked 1st time without any mods to the .wink.conf file. It will be interesting to test how responsive my 29 Zigbee lights are being controlled through HA. There is a horrible delay using the Wink App on Android.

I may invest in a USB Zigbee/Zee wave controller for my Raspberry PI and eventually dump the Wink Hub

Appreciate the quick response to my question


No problem. I am the main dev for the Wink stuff in HA and have been using Wink for like 3+ years. I just recently (like last month) switch everything over from Wink to HA with a ZigBee/ZWave USB adapter. So far things have been pretty stable, but the one thing I miss about Wink is knowing when ZigBee lights are offline (toggled from the switch) not sure any HA ZigBee solution has that ability.

Things run way quicker than Wink, but I would say Wink + HA is very stable and decently fast. The only problems I had were with Wink’s services having issues.

Oh wow,

Then I appreciate your help even more lol

I am testing HA on the raspberry PI that I normally use as an Open VPN server for my security camera’s and NAS. It is a marvelous device. I just switched the micro SD card out and used another with HA. It is definitely a learning curve but not one I am afraid of. I may pick up another PI 3 and use it solely for HA. If I did that would I just add a new redirect URL with the new IP address of my 2nd PI in my Wink developer account? also would I need to delete the original Redirect URL?

Also which Zigbee/Zwave adapter did you get?

I fought for over a year with Wink hubs/service. First the original Wink and then v2. In the end I ordered a Conbee adapter and switched my remaining Zigbee devices (bulbs) over to it. My system is much more stable as a result and the lights are more responsive. (everything else is z-wave on another adapter).

I prefer this in the end and now the only cloud stuff I have is Alexa for voice control which I may still replace later. Between Wink network problems, internet provider variability/stability, and the threat of hackers, the only thing I can count on is MY network.

Thanks for the reply,

Is the Conbee Adapter Zigbee only? I have 2 Z-wave plugs that I would still like to use.

Is it easy to add Zigbee bulbs to HA? I have 29 of them throughout the house lol I also have 2 WiFi light switches (TP-Link) and a WiFi Plug (TP-Link) 2 Google Home Mini’s & 3 Chromecast Audios. Not sure how I am going to tie it all together yet but I am looking forward to learning.

Does the Conbee support detecting zigbee devices as being offline? Or support knowing they are on turn the light was toggled? I liked with Wink that after a power outage I would know which lights came back on.

Any device limits with the Conbee? How is it setup?

I am using this HUSBZB-1 with the ZHA component and the Zwave component. Its an all-in-one solution.

If you move the SD card over to another pi there is no need to do any work on the account. The redirect URI stuff is all there just to get your access token from Wink, once you have it you don’t need to set it up again unless the .wink.conf is deleted.

@Richdem Conbee is zigbee only. Pairing process was pretty much the same as with zwave usb adapter for me. Put it in pairing mode using DConz then switch on the light. I have 19 bulbs.

@w1ll1am23 Not sure if it is a Conbee limitation… In HA if someone turns a physical switch off the the bulb shows unavailable. If someone toggles the switch back on the the light does turn on and then the bulb updates in HA. Wink was the same for me.

As far as setup, I run my HA in docker so I set up Deconz to run in a docker as well. This provides a webpage for interaction/setup purposes.

Ooo good to know, may need to check that out. Did you find the best place to order your conbee stick? Looks like it’s ~$40 on Amazon?

OK Great Thank You,

So I assume there isn’t an issue having a separate Zigbee radio & Z-Wave radio?

I am heading to Miami tomorrow from Canada so may see if I can either source one locally or have amazon ship it too my families address.

I went with Amazon… I love 1 & 2-day delivery :grinning:

Cool thanks, I’ll have to check it out. Wish it would work with the existing device I had though.

I understand that. For me it wasn’t that it didn’t work at all but it was inconsistent and that was extremely annoying for me and then there was the wife approval factor. I’ve been running HA for about 2 years now and it is fairly integrated into our lives (automatons & voice control). When things don’t work 99.9%, the willingness of my wife to put up with my projects dissolves quickly lol.