Wink working in 0.31.1?

Wondering if there is some Quirkyness regarding the WInk component and 0.31.1. I’ve had a Wink component working for quite awhile. When I updated Home Assistant last week, I couldn’t get it to run anymore. After rebuilding everything, I think I isolated the problem to the wink: component. Things just seen to halt and catch fire if I put in in my config, but everything else work fine when I take it out.

I haven’t had any issues with my wink hub and .31.1.

Double check the breaking changes in .31.x release notes.

My zwave devices are all working fine after the upgrade and updating the ids. But not so my Wink hub devices. I’ll keep working on it. Thanks

I still haven’t been able to fix this. Hass never completes launching if I have the line “wink:” in my configuration yaml. It works fine if I comment it out.

Wink is working ok for me. I know that is no help to you.

What version was it last working for you?

Working up through and including 0.30.

After .6 Hassio update Wink doesn’t work, I’ve even reinstalled Hassio and nothing

Having the same problem here…

Just fixed it by deleting wink.conf and reauthenticating.